Sam Stood With ME

Nobody who reaches the heavens does it “the easy way”, and individual healing is incredibly important in the process. Every earthly hurdle we overcome – no matter how irrelevant it may seem to others, brings us closer to personal ascension and connecting with the heavens. And when the veil is pierced, we are offered an entire universe of “new” information to learn and to integragte into … Continue reading Sam Stood With ME

On Priesthood Power: Jesus vs Satan

Satan desires truth and light and knowledge and intelligence and glory the same as any other being in the universe who wants to progress and learn and grow. Consciousness, intelligence, light, truth, glory, ascension in consciousness, quickening, etc., are all similar ideas, and are the things we are talking about when we assert that the Glory of God is intelligence. YES, Satan has godly INTELLIGENCE … Continue reading On Priesthood Power: Jesus vs Satan

An Angelic Tour, and a Message of Opportunity for Us All

I was was working on a project with some friends that was intended as one of our efforts to do something within the scope of our resources and abilities together, that would help a lot of people around us at once.  I was alone and praying about the project, and some things having to do with the Wasatch Front (WF) area where we were working. … Continue reading An Angelic Tour, and a Message of Opportunity for Us All

The Holy Ghost Post

What is the ONE thing that God cannot and will not take from us? Agency. Preserving our agency and the many opportunities we take to use it “badly”, is apparently important enough to God to that he went to battle with Satan to preserve this sacred agency on our behalf: “Wherefore, because that Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man, … Continue reading The Holy Ghost Post

The Second Comforter “Package-Deal”

This discussion about the Second Comforter was prompted by an email from a member of the tithing group I’m a part of, asking me: “What is your understanding of what it means to “receive the Second Comforter””?  I responded to the man who asked, and this article resulted from that email response. Thank you for asking – I’ve been trying to write this blog post … Continue reading The Second Comforter “Package-Deal”

The Reunion

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.” (Moses 7:18) As I sit here preparing to write this post, I’m torn between having no words, and feeling like there aren’t enough words to describe this incredible weekend. Maybe between myself and the others who will certainly … Continue reading The Reunion

My Brother in Christ

I have intended to write some of the things I’ve written here, for years now, and was inspired by a good friend to get it done. I admit that in part, I’m writing here to clear my conscience of some things that have weighed upon me for years. But mostly, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned from an important member of my earthly … Continue reading My Brother in Christ

Know the Lord

I came across a thread today on a forum I frequent, that made me sad: I am not posting this to judge or condemn others (and I hope the author of this thread will forgive me), but I’m posting because I feel compelled to make a point. I pray that others will be led to know Him. I fully admit, I likely would have … Continue reading Know the Lord