Being Taught by an Angel

I had an AMAZING experience probably a year and a half ago – one of the times I was taught by an angel. I’ll do my best to describe the experience, but it’s so difficult to do justice to these amazing spiritual experiences using our limited language, and trying to describe things that cannot be experienced solely with the physical senses we are accustomed to.

An angel came to me one night, and taught me all throughout the night. Some of it has been blocked from my remembrance, but I remember that the angel was male, and he wore all white. He taught me about a power I have within me, and how to use it and how to employ it, and what this power did. He took me different places throughout the night and helped me practice this over and over.

We would travel from place to place by “thought” I suppose; he just willed it, and we were there. When we “arrived”, he would tell me: “OK, do it”, and I would somehow activate or employ this power I had to emit the light and glory I had from within me. I would raise my hand to the square to do this. Although I understood that I didn’t need to raise my hand to the square, I did it because it was comfortable and familiar to me to do it that way – but the angel didn’t correct me.

angel-light-being-finn-olav-olsenWhen I would do this, white light would emit from every part of me; it WAS PART of me. It was brighter than anything I had ever seen, but it didn’t hurt my eyes. It was different from any light we see on this earth. (I’ve seen that same kind of light a couple of times before, but only related to spiritual things – it’s not an earthly light.) One of the places the angel took me was to a place high in the mountains where the snow was absolutely pure and clean. I remember that even though the snow was clean and white, this spiritual light that came from me was so much whiter and brighter than this pure white snow. I don’t know how it could be whiter, but I remember marveling that it was.

The angel continued taking me to from place to place to teach me and help me practice this power and spiritual gift. When I “activated” this power, all the people around me that were corrupt or unable to withstand it were instantly banished.  I’m not sure how or where they were transported to, but they were “pushed” back beyond a certain radius from me because of their inability to withstand that light and glory that came from me. This power not only cast off corrupt people, but ANYTHING unclean in my presence, and extended out to some radius (I’m not sure how far it was, but at least as far as I could see). It cast off illness and infections in those around me (I no longer had my health problems either), and rebellious elements within the earth or injuries the bugs or the plants around me had endured. All rebellious particles or cells, any spirits that were unclean, any feelings of fear (including MINE), doubt, despair, sadness, jealousy, envy…. EVERYTHING that was not pure or from the Lord, was cast out, and only the light, righteous, and pure remained.

There were people from the groups before me in our travels to various locations, who would remain when I did this. I was told that those people had either received their Calling and Election – and knew it, or they were righteous and did not yet know that they qualified or were for-ordained to receive eternal life and exaltation. I knew, however, because they remained. And as they remained in my presence, they learned their standing before God; they were “given to know” and they were given knowledge and understanding, and learned about themselves from God’s perspective. The people that remained around me would also light up a bit and emit a similar light to the one I had – or rather, they shared the light that I had.  It was as if my activating this power in me brought out a portion of their own light and glory. It wasn’t as bright coming from them, however, because for the moment, the light was “borrowed” from me.

As I was doing this, I also was given to know things about those people who remained – like the fact that they had been given eternal life and exaltation, even if they didn’t yet know it about themselves. I had incredible visions about each one of them.  The information was given to me about all of them simultaneously, and I was able to easily absorb it without confusion. I knew about ALL of those people in my presence, all at once. I knew who they were and their eternal missions and amazing things about them.

Every time I employed this power, I felt the spirit stronger than I’ve ever experienced before; it was utterly indescribable! There are not even words to articulate the level of pure light, knowledge, and joy I felt – it was like nothing I’ve ever known before.  It was complete joy and peace and love and the most perfect, amazing feeling ever. It was so strong that I felt it physically throughout my entire body, and thought I would explode with this amazing overload of pure elation!

The angel and I continued going from place to place throughout the night as he helped me practice employing this God-given power. We did this until I was able to employ the light and use it on my own. All throughout the next day, I was on fire with the spirit as the experience from the night before lingered.

For about six months, I would meditate and contemplate and pray about this amazing, godly power I’ve been endowed with. I knew I needed to learn to employ what this angel taught me in my everyday life, and use it to cast off those in my life who are dark and wished to harm me.

I decided to try using it to protect myself from my ex husband. I was successful in doing this once during a visitation exchange. He came to the usual neutral meeting spot, and as soon as I saw his car pull into the parking lot, my heart began to race, I became faint, and I entered into a full fledged panic attack (as usual).  I forced myself to remember what this angel taught me, and the power I had to cast off evil and corruption, and as I understood it – that I could NOT be harmed by my ex-husband if I overcame this fear and allowed myself to use what this angel had taught me. Without being obvious and raising my hand to the square in front of onlookers, I did all I could to employ what I had been given and taught to use to prevent him from causing me the pain that was inevitable with every interaction we had. I was shocked as he approached my son, quietly greeted him, and peacefully said good-bye as he took him away without incident! I could not even detect the hate, and disdain, and gall, and literal evil that usually emanated from him so strongly that I could feel it causing me physical pain. That day, a miracle occurred.

About a year after my experience with the angel, I learned that part of this gift and power included a true shield and protection for myself and anyone I chose to allow within it – so far as I had their permission or stewardship over them. I was shown a tangible sphere surrounding me and my loved ones made up of that pure spiritual light that emanates from within me. It is semi-transparent, and looks kind of like an electric field – but “spiritual electricity”, I suppose. I also learned that I can create and develop an entire world within that shield.  Once I understood this was REAL, I saw that I could go to the edge of this shield and see those on the other side who were attempting to harm me and/or my loved ones. As they attempt to inflict harm or pain, their efforts ricochet off of my shield – just as a bullet would from a titanium wall, and their unrighteous efforts cause pain to them instead. The more they try to hurt me or my loved ones within the shield, the more pain they inflict upon themselves. To this day, I can literally see them outside the boundaries of my shield – made up of that same unearthly light, suffering the pain of their own ill intentions, and literally writhing in agony with every attempt.

Inside of that permanent shield around me, exists the amazing world that I’ve created. If you study Lectures on Faith (and I would also recommend reading The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Vol. 1-6), you will come to learn that all things created physically or spiritually, are first conceptualized in the mind by desire – and faith that their existence is possible is what allows for them to then be created spiritually. I have been given that faith – which includes an element of KNOWLEDGE by GOD, that the object of that faith is real. Therefore, this world within this shield that God has given me, is real – spiritually, and at times, crosses over into the physical.dense-forest-waterfall-2560x1600

This world I’ve been allowed to create, is simply amazing.  There is warmth and sunshine, and greenery and foliage, and a body of water that is crystal clear – but brilliant blue, and is fed by a waterfall that empties into the pool from a stream that runs from a high mountain above it. Within the water, are dolphins and whales (yes – dolphins and whales swim in my fresh water lake). There is a beach on the far side of the water next to the waterfall. This world is calm and serene, and a refuge and solace for me. I have met heavenly beings there and have gone there for comfort and refuge. It has become as real and tangible to me as my own home. I am so grateful for this literal shelter from evil God has given me!

After I was given this shield of protection, I thought that was the major part of what the angel was teaching me, and didn’t explore other facets of the gift. But recently, I’ve learned that there is more to it – something I’ve KNOWN for quite awhile, but didn’t allow to “click” in my understanding until just a month or so ago.  Since I was told by God I had been given the promise of eternal life and exaltation (Calling and Election) – about two years ago, I began having “downloads” of understanding and mini-visions given to me about others and their standing before God – and in many cases, their “calling” in this lifetime. I began being shown by God that some of the people I encountered had received their Calling and Election, and many of those were members of the 144,000 spoken of in the scriptures, who are ordained by angels to bring those who will come, to the Church of the Firstborn. Most of these people have not known this about themselves, but have learned it later – either on their own, or sought answers from God after I told them what God revealed to me about them.

There is one particular man I know and have become friends with, and felt comfortable telling what had been revealed to me about him – that he had been given his Calling and Election already, and was one of the 144,000. He just had to come to know this himself by receiving his own witness from God. He hadn’t even considered these things before, and I’m not sure he believed me at the time. But he accepted the information enough to at least ponder it. About three weeks later, I had the opportunity to witness him being given a blessing. In that blessing, the speaker stopped, choked up, and told him that he had a special mission in this lifetime, and had been called as one of the 144,000 ordained to bring others to the  Lord in these last days. I think I was more floored than he was at this; for I was given a second witness from someone who knew nothing about my earlier conversation with him. My silly, weak, human mind rejoiced that I was NOT crazy, and what God had told me to tell him was true!

In almost every case, I’ve struggled with why I would be given such information about people; who am I to be given to know such amazing things? I received a blessing about a month ago that answered that lingering question. I was told in this amazing blessing, that I have been given this gift so that I could share with others, and help them to move in the direction God wanted them to, and fulfill the callings they were for-ordained to accomplish in this lifetime. I was chastised for NOT sharing with these people as openly as I should – the knowledge I was given about them.  I was told that I needed to overcome my fear of rejection and follow the direction I have been given to act as an instrument in God’s hands – to bring about His work, and witness to these people who they are.

It was at that moment that I realized the angel had taught me this! THAT is why, when I “activated” this power within me, those who were righteous and had been given the gift of eternal life and exaltation, remained. THAT is why I was given visions about them and who they were and their standing before God and who they were to become! I had just been too afraid to speak openly and tell many people. This part of my gift is not activated “on demand”. But rather, I am given the information about people I encounter as God wills and at times He deems right – sometimes about complete strangers, and my “job” is to testify to them. On that note, I have an email to write to a man I talked with about a month and a half ago 🙂 .

I pray that God will help me to develop this amazing, multifaceted gift so I can bring about His work, and protect myself and my family from the adversary, and also to become what He wants ME to become!

48 thoughts on “Being Taught by an Angel

  1. Thank you so much for your powerful testimony, it is certainly increasing my faith.

    You have my permission to use your power in my life if Father says it is ok, I certainly need heavenly blessings in my life.

    Thank you again.

  2. Oh Jules, this just makes me want to cry and hug you. Wow, what a wonderful blessing and a reassuring testimony that to some is given gifts of the spirit. You are sensitive and obedient in your heavenly instructions and that will definitely invite more/further teachings and instructions I’m sure.
    I have to ask… One morning, after retiring to bed in earnest prayer for specific spiritual enlightenment for myself and for my family (in effort to prepare for what’s coming), I remember waking up that next morning feeling very much overcome by the spirit; almost like floating and being warm all over. I distinctly felt that I had been instructed by a Heavenly messenger while I slept that night or even endowed in some way, however, I could not remember ANYTHING. Yet I know something did happen that night but for some reason it is being kept from my memory, hopefully to be brought to my remembrance soon, in the appropriate time/setting, when the Lord wills it. Do you think that something happened may have happened to me like that happened to you? Only you were able to remember your instructions, endowment and preparations?
    Do you think you could apply your gifts to me on my behalf?
    Also, I have a question for you about prayer?
    I struggle with quieting my thoughts… how do you quiet distracting thoughts that pull you further from Him while praying?
    Thank you for sharing, your testimony strengthens mine. 🙂

    1. Lorrie, THANK YOU for your comment!! The night you described sounds like several I’ve had – I KNOW we are taught in our sleep, and this fleshy veil causes us to forget and disbelieve so much! Our spirit contains the record in heaven – we can access it and you CAN be brought to a remembrance of what you were taught that night!

      I am still figuring all of this out. I’ve had some amazing experiences, and I’ve learned some incredible things. But I still struggle and stumble every day. If I know what I can and am supposed to do for someone, I’ll do it. I will pray about you and see if I can receive some answers, but please know that I’m flailing along with everyone else. :-/

      Regarding prayer: Sometimes I try to meditate and calm my mind – I have a really difficult time with this myself. One thing I’ve found that helps (if I can find a time when it’s possible….), is to go into a room alone, close the door, turn off the lights, and look up and hold my hands open in deliberate prayer without the distractions of the mess in the room reminding me I haven’t cleaned, the noise distracting me, or other things leading me from my goal of connecting with Heaven. It really helps and has been very effective (until the door opens, the light flips on, and I hear: “MOMMY! Where are you?” 🙂

      1. Jules,
        Thank you, I will definitely pray and ask for a remembrance of the things that I was taught that night, I truly didn’t even think to “ask”. Duh me. 🙂 Thank you for your prompt reply and for your thoughtful ideas and suggestions, byw, I love your humor. 🙂

        1. Most of us DON’T think to ask some of the things that we CAN (and should) ask – like my C&E post, for example. I never thought to ask about that before – but then when I did, the heavens opened! I think establishing a true connection with heaven is the most important thing we could do – more than any number of ordinances, more than any church attendance percentage, more than ANY studying, more than ANY blogging (guilty), more than anything we “think” we are doing to receive answers – connecting with God will pierce the veil!.

          1. You are so right Jules. A couple of weeks ago while I was studying Isaiah (reading one of Avraham’s books abt. Isaiah), being totally engrossed in what I was learning, the Spirit whispered, “Do you love those books more than me?” I was set aback, reproved somewhat and so I quickly closed my book and retired to my bedroom for prayer and some repenting too. I realized that in my attempt to draw closer to my Heavenly Father that I was out of balance.
            More time in communion with deity is always best. You’re so right Jules. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

      2. Jules I had no idea how amazing and spiritual you were! And I had I laugh about the mess thing and the mommy where are you too. I hve the same issues!! I have even wondered if I shouldn’t pray if I have clutter in the room :(. And get this- I often gravitate toward the corner to pray (in my rare moments of peace and solitude) and each time I do I look into the Corner and just cringe, as that’s where I keep my dirty laundry!! lol!!! Do you feel it’s ok to pray amidst a cluttery room? (6 kids make my life less than emmaculate :p ) and how do you manage to find time to meditate AND pray? I struggle just to pray daily by myself (I mean really pray) and I can only hope one day to have a spiritual experience even close to what you’ve experienced. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

        1. I also have to say, I sometimes find myself inturrupting a prayer like this- “I’m sorry Heavenly Father just a minute… Just a minute guys, I’m praying in here!” … Have you done this? Is this awful? Blush…

        2. LOL Your comments made me laugh Ariana. I know that we worry about these silly things, but God doesn’t. In my old house, I had a walk-in closet, and I used to lock myself in there where I could have privacy and peace for a minute and pray. At first I thought: “What if the Lord or an angel appears? They won’t have any room to stand in here…” Hahahah! We are so silly – those things really don’t matter or limit God the way we allow them to limit or bother us. It IS a struggle to find and make time when you have kids though – and I have LOTS of prayers that are interrupted. But I think God would be offended if I ignored my boy or got irritated, but likely He just chuckles when I let him join my prayer or say “hang on a sec HF…” 🙂 .

  3. Jules,
    I just noticed the link to this new blog on your LDSFF posts. What an incredible experience to share and to understand how your gift is to be used to bless others in their spiritual journeys! I hope you will post regularly.

    1. Thank you for the comment Lance! I’m glad you found my blog 🙂 . I pray too that I’ll be led (and listen) so that the reasons God gave me these gifts will be fulfilled for Him!

      I plan to post lots – some might be review for you and a few others while I get all my stuff into one place, but I’ll keep posting! 🙂

  4. I too recently came across your blog. I’m a longtime lurker over at LDSFF, and enjoy reading your posts.

    Though I’m forty this year, I’m a spiritual infant trying to figure out how to grow up (before it’s too late).

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and testimony.

    1. Xandr, I just realized that I neglected to reply to your comment! I’m familiar with your user name on the forum 🙂 .

      I’m 41 and I’m right there with you in my spiritual infancy :-/ . I struggle with all these human weaknesses we have, and I kick myself regularly for not being what I could be if I chose to overcome those faster. I pray He will strengthen me so I can!!

  5. My back lit up reading this. It started from the moment where you talked about the mountains and the white snow, and kept going from there the the very last word. You are truly blessed.

  6. Jules Said: “When I would do this, white light would emit from every part of me; it WAS PART of me. It was brighter than anything I had ever seen, but it didn’t hurt my eyes. It was different from any light we see on this earth.”

    I find this really amazing because I’ve actually seen someone who seemed to have this power. I posted about it on LDSFF, HG forum on a thread named “Translated Beings”. She came to our ward on a fast Sunday and when she got up to bear testimony I could see that she was hiding light. I’m sure that it was the same light that you are describing here. I think that it tells me what it is that you are practicing for.

    Thank you for the blog. What an inspiration it is to read your experiences.

    1. Wow, thank you for your comment! I just found the post you were referring to on the forum – I remember reading it before. In answer to your unasked question – yes, I’ve had that confirmed to me. I just need the faith to obtain it – as it is obtained by faith. It is part of a specific calling I have received that I’m trying to figure out. Thank you again for the comment – and for your posts on LDSFF – I truly enjoy them!!

  7. Dear Sister,
    I’ve just found your blog today and want to thank you for your courage to share your experiences. I long to know what our Lord would have me do with what’s left of my life (now 52 years old). I’ve faithfully followed the tenets of Mormonism all my adult life, yet my understanding has been quickened that all is not well in Zion. The scales have fallen from my eyes and I desire to share what I’m learning with anyone who will listen (especially my Wife and 5 adult children). Please keep sharing your special blessings and experiences so I and others can develope the faith to perhaps have experiences of our own.

    1. Roy, Thank you for leaving your comments. I’m glad you have enjoyed my blog. For most of my life, I had the most difficult time sharing my private spiritual world (well, or lack thereof….). The Lord has been helping shake me out of that, and now lately I’m being challenged to share openly and testify of these things. This truly scares me sometimes – on many levels. But when I read some of these comments like yours, it fills me with joy that others are awakening and seeking the solid connection with Heaven that I have been seeking too!

  8. Thank you so much for this. Oh, that your angel would visit me one day! It’s beautiful to hear that it’s possible 🙂 I’m curious, did you ask for that type of instruction, or was was it a surprise gift?
    God bless, sweet sister 🙂

    1. Jen – this was a COMPLETE SURPRISE! lol. I do ask for ministering angels all the time, and I ask to be taught and given further light and knowledge, and I ask for help in developing and understanding spiritual gifts. I guess God took my often vague requests to heart and really gave me an amazing learning experience! Since this angel came to me, I have been taught and understanding has been added upon.

  9. Jules, thanks for your blog. I’m loving it. I want to be one of the 144,000, but I feel like I’m way behind the game. So many spiritually advanced people around and I’m just praying to receive the baptism of fire before it’s too late. I’m basking in reading of so many others amazing spiritual experiences, but lacking my own. Would you mind offering a small prayer for me and my spiritual progression? I could really use someone else’s faith in my behalf and have no like-minded friends who see the gospel the same way. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Annie, I think we all feel that we are behind – I certainly do. I don’t think you or any of us should beat ourselves up though and feel that we are not as “advanced” as others. I know I’ve been guilty of this all my life. But each of our journeys are utterly individual, and I think the best thing is to develop that connection with heaven and find out what we as individuals need to do next. There is no way to compare our journeys to each other – we are all so different. I promise you, whatever you feel you lack compared to others, some will feel they lack in other ways compared to you! I will absolutely pray for you though! Also, I want to share these articles by a close friend of mine that might help:

      There is SO MUCH we have to learn about faith, belief, unbelief, disbelief….. we are our own biggest hindrance in connecting to the heavens, and most of the time – I believe, our lack of or limited connection is NOT because of the things we THINK. 🙂

  10. Hi Jules,

    I just met you at the Thai resturant ( I came with my brother and his friend). Thank you for the arrangements you made for us. I have read many of your posts but having met you, I know that you are truly a special person. I too have had similar dreams. I consider them more like visions because they are different then a regular dream. I feel greedy because while I love the taste of the light and joy, I long for more. An angel comforted me when I was overwhelmed with the evils of the world and the knowledge that satan has such influence in the world. He gave me direction and spake such peace to my soul that cannot be described in words.

    Recently I had a dream that seems similar to yours. I’ve only shared it with a few, my wife, my brother in law and my mother in law. I felt a bit like Joseph and his brothers.

    ” And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me. And he told it to his father, and to his brethren: and his father rebuked him, and said unto him, What is this dream that thou hast dreamed? Shall I and thy mother and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth?”

    In the dream I saw a sign in the heavens and heard the lamenting words of Christ. Only I seemed to hear. I walked down a familiar street while people jeered and hated me. The voice of The Lord from above told me to be the light. As I began to glow people who had looked at me menacing with hatred turned their faces from me and hurried off as quickly as possible. The voice explained that I had yet to see the beginning of His power. The dream progressed to varying locations, only one that I can remember, a grocery store, where an older lady was in distress. I stepped forward to help and grew to a towering height, again glowing, and assisted her from a burglary with this new power and light I now had possession of. Other details are hard to remember but it involved a northward trek (which I find interesting because of where I live).

    I am no one of significance but I do long for the blessings in store of knowledge and righteousness and miracles. I have thought of this dream differently after reading you post. I am so full of weakness but apparently I should thank The Lord for these as they are calculated for my benefit.

    Have you considered that you may be one of the 12 women prophesied of in the book The Prophecy of the Prophetess Liwan? I respect and acknowledge your gift and would like to receive a blessing at your hand. Ask The Lord on my behalf if it’s right. If you feel it the lord’s will then I believe, male or female, priesthood power comes by faith. Either way, I’ll wait on The Lord. Thank you for sharing your experience. It has brought to rememberence what The Lord has said to me.

    1. It was so good to meet you – I’m glad we had a chance to talk at the restaurant, even though it was only for a few minutes. Thank you so much for sharing your dream here!! WOW. I wonder if you are more significant than you might realize – and I KNOW you are significant to the Lord. He gives us these dreams and visions to guide us and teach us and lead us to our mission in this lifetime. I also am so full of weakness, but He gives me these markers and directions in my journey and I’m working to learn what I need to and follow His directions.

      I am not familiar with the 12 women prophesied of in the book The Prophecy of the Prophetess Liwan – or that book. Can you tell me more? I have given blessings before – but I still struggle with my fear of doing so. The times I’ve been told to do it have evoked amazing experiences. During one blessing I voiced for my son, I literally saw angels surrounding him. I am glad I had the faith to see them that time, but I know that whatever happened was because of God and not any power I have. I agree though that priesthood power comes by faith and it is a false tradition to limit women from using the priesthood power they have. I’m going to think more about your request here and see what I can find about this book you mentioned. 🙂

  11. Jules,
    I am unable to express accurately just how grateful I am for what you share in your blog. …your words ring so true.

    I have questions.
    You have my permission to share anything you are told to in a private email.

    I have had some experiences from God, but allowed myself to be deceived…..shortly thereafter. This was several years ago.

    I am going through another killer test now. But thiis time I will listen to God and not man.

    Thank you for sharing. It gives me hope I may see my Savior again.


  12. Still smiling as i read this post. thanks Jules!

    BTW your safe place looks similar to a scene right out of the movie Blue Lagoon. The amount of water in your place speaks volumes to your birth (the lake) and passion (the waterfall).
    Should I believe you are still waiting for true love?

    If so, great –
    if not, then you should let me know so I might supply you with some names.

    : )

    1. Hahaha… I’m glad you are still smiling! I don’t really understand the significance of everything you said, maybe I should learn more! But yes, you are right; I am still waiting for the person the Lord promised I’d be united with. 🙂

  13. Jules, whenever The Lord leads me to something or someone I need in that moment and answers my weak prayers, in that moment of discovery, I swear I can hear Him chuckling in the background chastising saying, “pay closer attention next time”. Thank you for answering on His behalf. Sent you an email btw.

  14. You are so amazing truely! Ive not heard a strong testimony like yours in so long! Litrally makes me feel good and hopeful about my relationship with Heavenly Father. Ive felt so sad lately too the only thing that brings peace is prayer and hearing others experiences and faith in the savior.

  15. Jules,

    Absolutely amazing! Question, have you found out what gift it is that you have? I only ask because we should be seeking the best gifts, and that for sure sounds like a really great gift you have! I don’t want to sound like I am trifling with your sacred experience, but I believe that as more believers come forth they would like to ask God for certain gifts, like yours for example.

    With so much respect,


    1. Anthony,

      I appreciate your comments and questions! I absolutely know that what I was taught is a spiritual gift – but it’s like a massive one that incorporates smaller gifts. If I were to master this one thing, I would be able to heal others, cast out darkness, protect me and those around me from darkness, discern light from dark completely, see visions, communicate via the spirit, etc., all by the power of God, and all using this one major gift. There were many many layers to what I was being taught but yes, I do see that I was being taught these spiritual gifts and this is one of mine (or rather will be, when I master it someday). 🙂

  16. I don’t know you. But from what I have been reading it appears you have been given various spiritual gifts, which gifts are giving to bring individuals to an understanding of their creational potential assuming they walk with God. Likewise, they could walk a different path, which means their creational potential will not be as great. Perhaps a cautionary note – not to cast your pearls before swine might be applicable but I accept your desire to want to share seeing I believe you desire light over darkness. Therefore, it is my prayer spiritual discernment will be given you as a spiritual gift.

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