Addendum to my Angel post

In my last post – Being Taught by an Angel, I cited a series of books called The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (Vol. 1-6). I confess that I’ve only read the first of the six in full, and am currently reading the second. Although I have not received a witness of everything written, I have found a goldmine of incredible truths about the mysteries of the kingdom in what I’ve read so far! I was stunned last night, as I read and came across a passage that epitomized the experience I wrote about in my last blog post:

“Soon pure rays of white light appear within our bodies; they become aglow with this light; and this soft, yet brilliant, living light invades the clear atmosphere around us like a white-gold vapor. This light increases steadily until it covers and permeates everything about us. Bathed in this radiance, there appears a pure crystal white light, dazzling and scintillating with a radiance greater than that of the purest diamond, yet it is emanating from our bodies and they stand forth ablaze with pure light, radiant and beautiful. Here we stand together on the Holy Mount of Transfiguration, with bodies luminous and glowing, radiant and beautiful, immersed wholly in Divine Life.” (Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 2, p. 47)

Truly amazing! I know – I have experienced it!!

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