A Vision – Seeing Through His Eyes

I had an amazing vision given to me and would like to share it here. I was walking around the Bountiful, UT temple grounds last fall with a friend of mine, looking at the symbolism on the temple. I noticed some awesome depictions that I wonder if many people even understand. There are what appear to be representations of the Philo Dibble facsimile from two different angles, there are Saturn stones, portrayals of Jacob’s Ladder, and likenesses of thIMG1391e Birkeland currents that corroborate the plasma/electric universe model and many of the teachings of Joseph Smith about the cosmos. Anyway, that was my purpose in being there – to walk the grounds, and see the symbolism represented on that particular temple.

As I was walking around, I was looking at the landscaping and the plants and flowers. I noticed this one particular grass plant, and thought it looked interesting – as I hadn’t seen that type of plant before. I reached out and touched one of the chutes that had not yet gone to seed, and held it. As I did, I felt the spirit overcome me and a vision was opened up to me; as I stood there, I was carried away in the spirit. It was like I floated away into nothing, but at the same time – everything. I saw everything in the universe that in any way pertained to or was affected by that one single grass plant – the one I was touching, not the others next to it. I saw how that plant fit into the eternal scheme of everything. I saw its purpose, and its relationship to everything else, and I saw everything about it from a molecular level, on up to a universal level and how all the elements of the plant came together and fit into the universe and how they came together to create that little, seemingly insignificant life. I wish I could properly convey with words what I was given and what I saw, but some things just cannot be spoken with our limited human tongue.

A friend of mine (inadvertently) reminded me of this scripture:

“How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.” (2 Corinthians 12:4, emphasis added.)

spiral-tendrilI wonder if the reason I am unable to articulate some of the spiritual things I have seen is because it is unlawful for me to do so – and an individual must experience those things for themselves. I imagine that I can understand a fraction of the things Abraham saw – and was unable to fully convey.

What I saw and experienced and felt and was given to know by the spirit, was just… EVERYTHING about that single grass plant. I saw how even that silly little piece I was holding was VERY significant to God, and I felt His love for even that little plant that probably nobody else would ever notice again before it died that winter. When I let go of the plant the vision closed, and I stood there at the edge of the parking lot, crying and still overcome by the spirit.

I told my friend about this vision, and he said that I had been given the opportunity to see a piece of the universe and this plant through HIS eyes. I felt the spirit again witnessing to me that this truly was the case, and I had been given an amazing opportunity.

4 thoughts on “A Vision – Seeing Through His Eyes

  1. That “perfect day” awaits us, if we will allow ourselves to receive it. I know this is true – and am also learning how to receive the light and knowledge that will eventually fill me until that “Perfect Day”.

  2. I’ve had something similar, although to nearly as detailed. It was a widening of awareness, beginning with a detailed and first-hand knowledge of God’s awareness of me, pondering in the car as my mother drove. And then my awareness expanded outward to encompass the whole earth. I saw, fleetingly, groups of people of various nations with which I was familiar, and felt the same acute awareness of their presence in God’s mind as I had for my own, and was able to comprehend all at once the incredible multitudes of people on the earth, each as vitally important and singular to God. I don’t know how long it lasted . . . from a few seconds to a few minutes. But I’ll never forget the sensation, even though my mind can no longer grasp the sheer quantity of what I was shown. That vision has given me such an understanding for the precious, beloved nature of each one of us . . . and I didn’t realize that until just now. I’ve operated in my life with that understanding, but it never clicked just how fundamentally it has informed my life. Thank you. 🙂

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