Honoring my Heavenly Mother Today

I felt compelled to write a post today in honor of the most high of all mothers – my Heavenly Mother. This post began as an intellectual discussion about female deity, queens and priestesses, and the Priesthood that women are brought to this earth with. I stumbled and flubbed through it and ultimately deleted the entire work – knowing that I needed to testify of the things I have written here instead – no matter how uncomfortable it is for me to do so. Once I allowed the Spirit to dictate for me, the words flowed, and this short article is the result.

Eliza R. Snow – whom I believe had an intimate understanding of our Heavenly Mother, honored Her with a piece of poetry currently titled “Oh My Father” (originally named “My Father in Heaven”, later changed to “The Eternal Father and Mother”), which has since been adopted as an LDS hymn:

O my Father, thou that dwellest
In the high and glorious place,
When shall I regain thy presence
And again behold thy face?
In thy holy habitation,
Did my spirit once reside?
In my first primeval childhood
Was I nurtured near thy side?

For a wise and glorious purpose
Thou hast placed me here on earth
And withheld the recollection
Of my former friends and birth;
Yet ofttimes a secret something
Whispered, “You’re a stranger here,”
And I felt that I had wandered
From a more exalted sphere.

I had learned to call thee Father,
Thru thy Spirit from on high,
But, until the key of knowledge
Was restored, I knew not why.
In the heav’ns are parents single?
No, the thought makes reason stare!
Truth is reason; truth eternal
Tells me I’ve a mother there.

When I leave this frail existence,
When I lay this mortal by,
Father, Mother, may I meet you
In your royal courts on high?
Then, at length, when I’ve completed
All you sent me forth to do,
With your mutual approbation
Let me come and dwell with you.

Text: Eliza R. Snow, 1804-1887

The first time I met my Heavenly Mother, I was praying in earnest – as I was about to do something I had been told by the Spirit to do that was crushing a paradigm I’d held all my life. I prayed that I would understand this thing, and be given further light and knowledge – and that the Savior would be there with me. As I prayed, suddenly – in the middle of my prayer, the connection (or rather the lack of connection I always seemed to feel – me being the weak link) opened up and my Heavenly Father was there in the room with me. I did not see Him with my physical eyes but I SAW Him with every fiber and bit of energy that made up my being. I knew it was Him; there wasn’t even a question as to who this being was. He was my Father Ahman. This was the first time I had been in His presence, and I had no idea that he was there to introduce me to the one He regards as the Most High Being in the universe.10268493_630282207065595_9076720192292582010_n

He spoke to me briefly and then He brought an even greater being into the room. He kind of “backed off” and told me (using these exact words), “PRAY to Her”.

It was my Heavenly Mother. I knew her too – with every bit of my soul and existence. I was surprised She was there (even more-so than when the Father appeared), but only for a millisecond, and then waves of the most consuming love I’d ever felt came over me – like what I imagine my kids might understand if they knew how I feel for them, only magnified a zillion times beyond what we could ever understand or describe in this human state. I felt nothing but peace and this incredible love from Her.

I began to pray to Her as I was instructed to and the words that poured out of my mouth naturally and fluidly were regarding my own kids. Much of what was spoken between us was spiritual and not communicated verbally, but by exchanging the same kind of pure knowledge that we receive by the Holy Ghost – as our spirit communicates with the Father and the Son. Things were spoken between us that cannot be uttered.

I knew as the Father communicated with me spiritually, that She truly was THE most highly regarded being, and it was a great honor to be brought into Her presence this way – much higher even, than meeting the Savior or even meeting the Father Himself. It was truly an awesome experience that was emblazoned upon my soul – the record in heaven. I testify that SHE lives, and that all the heavens honor and revere Her.

I have no idea what qualified me for such a visit, but I can’t NOT acknowledge Her on this day. It is She who holds the creative powers in the Godhead; SHE IS The Mother of All Living.

13 thoughts on “Honoring my Heavenly Mother Today

  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, Jules.

    And I can tell you what qualified you for that glorious visit: the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ that redeemed us from the Fall. God IS good. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this. I would like to add my testimony to yours about our Heavenly Mother. Words cannot describe the love she has for us.

    Before I joined the church I was left without earthly parents at an early age. I was able to pull up my bootstraps and carry on alone. My friends would ask me how I found the strength to move forward without support through middle school and high school on my own. I couldn’t explain it then.

    Now, that my journey through the years has taken me into the LDS church and to a new awakening, without elaborating too much here, it has been made very clear to me -especially at certain pivotal points in my life- who has always been with me and where that impossible strength to persist as a youth came from.

    There is not room enough here for me to explain how I also feel about this being who has -as you say- ‘been emblazoned upon my soul.’ She is worth every bit of honor and reverence from Father and the heavens she receives.

    There are so few references of our Heavenly Mother that her importance and existence are often glazed over..Thank you for sharing your testimony of her and for your obedience to the spirit.

  3. My husband didn’t have a mother for very long, and she left his life (not by her own choice) when he was really young; he briefly had a grandmother, and then she had to leave–

    He had an experience with Heavenly Mother shortly after he joined the church, when he was crying in prayer, because he had had no mother–

    it was the kind of profound experience you describe. I know; I know; he’s a guy, so why? 🙂

    I have never had that kind of experience, though I would like to–

    I remember about 20 or 30 years ago when a group of young LDS women (I didn’t know them; I just heard about them; I didn’t live in Utah, and they were in Utah) had their hands ecclesiastically slapped when they talked about Heavenly Mother and wanted to pray to Her.
    I remembered thinking, “I would just pray to her and not tell anyone or ask permission” (which I have done)–
    but now I wonder why anyone would ever hurt anyone vulnerable like that spiritually, and whoever did will have a lot to answer for.

    but I have never had an experiences with Her. It makes me sad. But I appreciate, very much, reading this. Very much. Thank you.

  4. After reading your post today I took to prayer and had the most amazing experience; Oh Jules, thank-you so much!

    1. Thank you for your comment Joseph! I read your blog post and I’m so SO happy that you were able to have the experience you did, and that you shared yours as well! Take care friend, Jules

  5. Jules, Your posts always amaze me!

    Jules said: “I have no idea what qualified me for such a visit”

    I don’t know you so I can’t really say. But, from what I know about you, my guess would be that it might have something to do with your being a very special mother yourself. 🙂

  6. Hi Jules
    First of all thank you for sharing it & for not being afraid to share plus for doing it in such a wise manner ^_^ You’ve mentioned you saw both Heavenly Father & Mother. Do you remember what do they look like? & if yes, would you be able to share a bit? Many thanks ^_^

    1. Rebeca, I did not see them with my physical eyes, nor in vision, but rather I saw them spiritually. We have more than just our 5 physical senses that we’ve grown accustomed to relying upon. When our spiritual senses begin to awaken, we learn that we have thousands of senses – if not more. We also gain understanding by pure knowledge through the Holy Ghost – that is often times, indescribable in our limited human ability to communicate. 🙂

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