Another Vision of Darkness

I received a vision about two years ago. This was another one that caused me discomfort – like the one I wrote about HERE did. I testify that I truly did see and receive these things. However, these things were given to ME, and understanding of what I saw was given to me relative to my own situation, and this was given to me to guide me on my personal journey. I don’t profess to have received this on behalf of everyone else. The Lord can witness to you by the Holy Ghost, if these things apply to you, as well and how you should understand them.

Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas

The vision began as I saw an attack on the earth coming from the skies. There were dark alien beings in ships flying everywhere. The sky was filled with fire and commotion. The ships were attacking the populated areas of the earth with laser-like beams, and were also shooting down the military jets I saw that appeared to be trying to defend the earth. The sky was red and filled with “fire”, and as the attacks continued, the cities were filled with pandemonium.

All the governments around the world sent out messages through all forms of media, pleading with the people to submit to the protection of their governments as they banded together to form one world government. They promised that if we trusted them, they would unite with greater power and resources, and have the ability to protect the people from this outer-worldly invasion. They worked to persuade everyone that uniting the governments this way – into one world power, was the only way to save everyone.

The people from all nations submitted to this proposal, and a new world presidency was appointed. This new central government sent out military forces in all cities to round people up and put them into protective camps. They went from house to house with weapons drawn, and helped people gather just the necessities (like a 72 hour kit), before they escorted them to these protection camps.

This all unfolded very quickly. The time frame between the alien invasion and citizens being taken to the camps, was only a few days.

I saw the military come into my neighborhood to gather the citizens and take them to the camps. The neighborhood was full of commotion and unrest. Buildings and homes had been demolished from the attack and it looked like an earthquake had hit. I saw my neighbors around me surviving in their broken down houses – as we were too in our home. When the military came closer to my house, and as I watched my neighbors going with the soldiers and saw how grateful they were to be taken to a place they would be cared for, the Lord told me very emphatically:

“Do NOT go with them, under any circumstances. Take your family and those close to you, and hide, and I will guide you to safety.”

Then more instruction and clarification was given to me. I was told that this “alien attack” was fabricated. I was told that despite evidence available to the general public about alien species and visitations, governments have been concealing involvement with beings from other worlds for a very long time. The past several years, officials have been opening up and releasing previously classified information concerning these dealings and the alien presence here on the earth. This orchestrated pseudo “transparency” prepared the people to believe what they could see with their eyes, as this apparent attack ensued.

The appearance of this alien attack was created using a technology pattented by the government in the 80’s, called “Project Blue-Beam“. It creates a lifelike illusion and makes holographic images come to life as they interact with their audience and respond to movement, sound, and other environmental elements. A small fraction of what this technology is capable of can be seen in this video:

The damage done to the cities was real; the government involvement with alien species was real; that this world was being attacked in the way we saw – and that the government was working to “help” the general population, were lies.

This attack was manufactured in order to evoke a level of fear that would enable this one world government to entice the people to relinquish any remaining or perceived freedoms they had in the name of “safety”. Citizens were taken to these safety camps and used for experimentation, exploited for lascivious purposes, or exterminated – just as the Jews were during the Holocaust. This was also part of a planned decrease in population which enabled the powers-that-be, to gain even more power and control.

I have sworn in my wrath, and decreed wars upon the face of the earth, and the wicked shall slay the wicked, and fear shall come upon every man;

And the saints also shall hardly escape; nevertheless, I, the Lord, am with them, and will come down in heaven from the presence of my Father and consume the wicked with unquenchable fire. (D&C 63:33-34)

I saw myself in this vision, with my kids, my parents, and a few of those close to me, as we hid in cellars and under the rubble of fallen buildings and did all we could to evade those who were rounding up citizens to be escorted to the camps. The military was actively looking for the few like us who were unwilling to be brought to the camps, so we literally had to hide and survive and rely solely upon the Lord to ensure our physical safety and protection.  The Lord was with us the entire time though, and we received direction concerning the situations we encountered. The Lord spoke to me and told me where to take my family, where to hide, where to forage for food, and how long to stay in each place. We were told to go out only at night, and had to constantly change locations and ultimately, make our way out of the cities.

I was surprised today as I was writing this blog post, to come across several websites written by others who have seen the same things I saw in my own vision. One example, is here:

Quite honestly, I have no idea how some of these end-times events will play out. But I do know, that I’m continually having paradigms stripped away by the Lord. He is also keeping the promise He made me, to guide and comfort me. The more I’m willing to receive, the more He gives me.

One thing I have learned for myself and that I was reminded of with this vision, is how utterly deceptive Satan is. He manipulates us using the five senses we have been taught all of our lives to rely upon – when in reality, it is those things that we must cast off with “the natural man”.

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14 emphasis added.)

We must learn to “see” beyond the veil, and become accustomed to senses beyond those five physical faculties we are taught, constitute “reality”. We’ve been taught to fear or disregard things we cannot see, taste, touch, smell or hear. But I testify that Satan can deceive us using any and all of those methods. We need to learn to recognize the Lord’s voice, because He does not speak to us in the ways we might understand or be looking for; the way the world speaks to us.

We must learn to make our spirit holy, and trust the Holy Ghost as it opens the record of heaven to us, and teaches us to learn in ways we cannot otherwise. One of those ways the Lord teaches us is through dreams and visions – the same way He taught Lehi, and Nephi, and Joseph Smith, and so many other examples we’ve been given. I was reminded when I had this vision, that I needed to ONLY rely upon the Lord and His voice – because Satan and those he employs in this world and beyond, will be utterly convincing using the things this world teaches us to trust.

As I said, this vision was given to me; clarity, understanding, and direction concerning these things were also given to me. I hope that the Lord will witness to anyone else who is led to read this, and that they will be taught what they need to know concerning the events I was shown.

17 thoughts on “Another Vision of Darkness

  1. A year ago I would have laughed at this scenario as something that happens after eating bad sushi 🙂
    Whether this particular vision is for real or a type, it doesn’t matter, the key to me is that we cannot put limits on what lengths Satan will go to destroy our souls and fight against the Lord.
    This last year has been very interesting, the scales of blindness seem to fall off a little each day, and minds are opening to all possibilities both ugly and beautiful.
    Your post today just tells me I need to broaden my thinking even further!
    And any good sci-fi expert knows, you NEVER go with the masses, it always spells doom:)
    Thanks Jules.

  2. I’ve had a very similar dream a few months ago. Only I was given a way to protect and defend myself from them using orgone. I started making a lot more orgone and selling it and trying to get it into as many people’s hands as I can. I even made bottlecap necklaces for kids to wear that they don’t see the orgone because it is on the back side and an image of their choice is on the front side.

  3. Though I do not agree with you on everything related to Denver I trust your dream and your interpretation of it.

    Lately I’ve started to ask the lord and fast in order to know what is going to happen here in old europe. I bet things are goig to be pretty bad as well.

    Do you remember anything in your vision that would help us to estimate a timeline or so ?

    Thanks for what you share. You’re very blessed.
    Cheers from France !

    1. Thanks for your comment pierrick. I did not see anything specific regarding when this might occur. It “FELT” like it was in the next few years, and my young son was still not an adult. However, I accept that I could have been seeing him in a way that is familiar to me. I was given this to prepare myself – I know that, but I don’t have a better idea than this about a timeline.

  4. Wow, thank-you for sharing this. So much I was unaware of, so much to pray about.

    A theme that keeps occurring in this and other accounts of future events I have read, is to learn to hear and trust the voice of the Lord. Last week, I read a story I had never heard of, a story of a group of people who were lead by the Lord out of Russia in the early 1930’s to safety, avoiding the communist control that came shortly after. As I read it, I felt this same faith and reliance on hearing the voice of the Lord would be required of us, that though this story is history, it warns of the future.


  5. I am sitting here at my computer with my eyes full of tears as I read through this blog and the embedded links that a dear friend just shared with me. I have been praying for several months now to receive more “light and knowledge” and over the past several weeks I have been getting link after link from various friends regarding exactly the information I have just received. I have listened over the past few years to so many interviews with Steve Quayle, Hagemann and Hagemann, Paul McGuire, Dave Hodges, Tom Horn and more. Even though these men are not of my faith, I felt that much of what they were trying to share was “truth”. It was not always pleasant to hear and I wanted to poo-poo it but inside I knew that much of what they were trying to teach was accurate. A recent article from David Wilcock talks of the same things yet is very positive and hopeful as David feels that the “heavens” are helping us overcome all this satanic influence that is overshadowing the earth. They are not going to win!. BUT we must be aware of what is coming as it will not be pleasant. The Lord is in charge and we MUST listen to his voice and His voice only. We do need to be aware of all that this blog and links imbedded in it inform us of so we won’t be panicked if we are still around when much of this scenario takes place. This blog has been another witness to me of what I have been receiving continually for the past several weeks and I believe it is full of truth. I would plead with all that read it to pray about it then keep it in the back of your mind for future reference.

  6. You have some really crazy stuff floating around in your head. AND I LOVE IT. By the way, my brother and I would like to volunteer to home teach your sisters.

  7. Jules,… I came across the ‘fake’ alien attack about a year ago when I had the luxury to write it off because I do not want to believe it. Even now. This makes me so angry, yet feel so alone and fearful. I wonder about the “change” that is soon to sweep the planet… is it time? I am so not ready for this. If I did not trust you I could still feel moderately unsafe. I’ve believed the ‘end days’ would be far from the ‘perception of the day’ back in the 70’s… but thanks for sharing. It was already on my ‘watch list’ though… now on the top of the list. Crap, just… CRAP!

    1. Jules,… I’m sure you have given thought to the meaning of your dream described here. Is it symbolic? I get the feeling it is symbolic and really mimics certain events found in other ‘dreams’ had out there if one considers the ‘primary’ pieces and the caution to ‘not be taken in’. Now I wonder if all the ‘other’ dreams out there are really symbolic of the actual as well.

      I will be giving this more thought… what say you?

  8. Jules… I just discovered Crrow777. He’s got some interesting sky footage, but perhaps, to wet your whistle, you might just appreciate this youtube of his… (blood moon hologram)

    1. Wow, I just watched that video; really interesting. I don’t know enough about those things to understand what could be causing what he sees, but a couple of things – including that weird beam, does leave room for questioning…

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