The Second Comforter “Package-Deal”

This discussion about the Second Comforter was prompted by an email from a member of the tithing group I’m a part of, asking me: “What is your understanding of what it means to “receive the Second Comforter””? 

I responded to the man who asked, and this article resulted from that email response. Thank you for asking – I’ve been trying to write this blog post for a year and a half, and it never came out right until I found myself talking with a real person, with sincere interest in understanding my understanding of this topic. So thank you for the needed encouragement to write this piece I was asked to write a long time ago.

As Denver Snuffer asserted in his May 10th, 2010 article called “Why Wait?”, a visit or personal appearance from Jesus Christ is a visit from the Second Comforter. If you are visiting with Jesus Christ face-to-face with the intention of learning from him as your mentor, then you hav55059e60f99fd4d76a8d406db6efbd45e received the Second Comforter. However, there are other elements involved in that visit that are very relevant and absolutely necessary for a person to “realize” and “attain” in order to make that connection with Jesus Christ across realms, densities and dimensions.

I see a lot of people having a lot of experiences related to receiving the Second Comforter they are hoping to find, and they don’t always realize what’s going on – the same way I didn’t – that they are going through many different experiences involved in the receiving-the-Second-Comforter process.

I appreciate the first part of Denver’s book “Come Let Us Adore Him” where he explains that this process – including the face-to-face encounters we have with Jesus Christ – will be utterly and completely different for us all; and I want to support Denver’s assertion that there is a reason for those differences!

I am indebted to Joseph Smith for his outline/description of the Second Comforter in “Words of Joseph Smith” (WoJS) where he expounds upon the things we read in the Gospel According to St. John, that Jesus taught during his ministry. Joseph goes on to explain this process and this particular “sealing relationship” we call the Second Comforter. I’ve separated those nine ideas that I find are generally outlining different parts of the Second Comforter “package” that can be broken out into various types of experiences or stages or thresholds you cross before and while you are connecting with Jesus Christ as your mentor and teacher outside this world:

  1. “…the personage of Jesus Christ to attend to him or appear unto him from time to time”.
  2. “…he will manifest the father unto him”.
  3. “…they will take up their abode with him”.
  4. “…the visions of heaven will be opened unto him”.
  5. “…the Lord will teach him face-to-face”
  6. “…he may have a perfect knowledge of the Mysteries of the kingdom of God”.
  7. “…the spirit of Revelation”
  8. “The man will find his Calling and Election made sure: then it will be his privilege to receive the other comforter.”
  9. “…the sealing power”.

These are not in a specific order – and I don’t believe there is an order you could ever expect anyone to adhere to as they learn to know and understand Jesus Christ, and learn to know and understand God. We have general guidelines through our religious teachings and ordinances and through the journals and records of people who have had these kinds of experiences beyond the veil; but they will all be different experiences that only generally fit into the same spiritual categories.

Every one of us has a different story, and a different journey and different things to overcome and work through as we come to know our God. Some people will receive and understand and accept some of these things first, and then connect with their mentor and then receive more later; but all of these things Joseph acknowledged are absolutely involved in the process and will be experienced on some level and at some point in receiving the Second Comforter package.

This photo of pages four and five from my own copy of Words of Joseph Smith contains the sermon I am referencing in this article, and the sections marked with numbers, are those I’ll be discussing specifically:


As Joseph Smith explains in the second paragraph of page five, ALL of these realizations and ideas and experiences and thresholds he discusses here, together and in connection with securing/bonding/sealing this relationship with Jesus Christ across the veil, ARE “the sum and substance” of what it means to receive the Second Comforter.

The first (1) acknowledgement I have marked on page five says:

“…the personage of Jesus Christ to attend to him or appear unto him from time to time”.

That’s very literal and it means that when you reach that point you can and will connect with him from wherever you stand, if you understand how. First, it will happen. Then you learn to reconnect and come back to that state with him where you can communicate face-to-face with his “personage” – his higher density “spirit body” tabernacle. You get better and better at it and as you develop the connection, just like any other relationship, the connection between you becomes clearer. You understand more; then it’s like you can just put your head through the window and talk to him anytime; or just move the walls out of the way and “hang out with Him”, and then go back to your own little world here.

Much of this receiving-the-Second-Comforter process is reaching the point where you can even understand HOW to do this – because it does require “priesthood power” to access and make conscious connections beyond the veil that enable you to commune or converse with heavenly beings in the ways they commune and converse.

There is an alchemy involved that operates between you and what you bring to the situation, and Jesus and what He brings to the situation. You have to learn how to reach that point and then make that connection with him where you are literally crossing realms or walking on the edge between both realms.

It is difficult to explain this “crossing of realms”, or “in in the body or out of the body” experience with the Second Comforter, but this is how it was described in 3 Nephi:

“And whether they were in the body or out of the body, they could not tell; for it did seem unto them like a transfiguration of them, that they were changed from this body of flesh into an immortal state, that they could behold the things of God.” (3 Nephi 28:15)

They clearly had to learn to understand this connection with Jesus Christ that brought them into a state where they operated much differently than they do in this one.

Jesus played an archetypal role and he became the epitome of that archetype. In LDS terms, it was his calling or mission. When we study about Jesus, we seem to study this archetype and forget that he was a person behind the archetype with an actual personality and adventures and a real life like we have.

The archetype was one that embodied the principles of the Christ frequency or Christ “way of being” and organically but divinely acted out the role of a person who embraces the Pure Love of Christ (PLoCh) on the level he did. This is associated with connecting with God and ascending. Jesus did the thing that a “Christ” does; he became quickened, pierced the veil, developed a connection with the heavens, learned about the mysteries, and he integrated and LIVED the things he learned. And because of the Pure Love of Christ that opens up within a person seeking this “type” of existence, he accepted what he knew was his mission to extend these teachings of the mysteries to those who would listen, and those Jesus hoped, as John indicates, would grow up and do even “greater works” than he did:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12)

Jesus himself admonishes us to BELIEVE the words he said – ALL of them, not just the ones that have made it through several canon edits since his lifetime, and do “greater works” than he did in THIS life – yet we are afraid to even understand him – especially the parts of him we don’t learn about in a generic church-classroom setting.

Jesus had a Chr5579c078cf16e84ad8a1fb49ea2b6c96ist-love-filled existence where because of who he was and his disposition for pure Christ-type love, he was completely invested in sharing and spreading that love at all costs. He gave his life to demonstrate in every way that he truly would die to teach us and help us understand the things that would “save us” and help us to “awake to a sense of [our] awful situation”. He played that role; and even to his death, he showed how deep the Pure Love of Christ is. You get to learn more details about Jesus’ mission from HIS point of view and in turn, you learn more about the archetype he embraced – that you can also embrace.

And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. (John 21:25)

As you are developing a literal friendship with your mentor, you will also have the opportunity to learn about his personal life, from HIS point of view – just like your friends learn about you as you share personal stories and anecdotes. You’ll ultimately have the opportunity to learn about some of these “many other things which Jesus did” as he shares his personal experiences and adventures and life situations and the journey he has taken – and you’ll have an understanding of WHY he is willing to help you on that level in your own journey; I made assumptions about WHY all my life, and they were just assumptions; I did not KNOW him. Learning and understanding WHY Jesus did what he did is important and will teach you about yourself, too.

I learned that Jesus has lived a lot more life than the primary stories I heard over and over about the simple life of fishing and carpentry he allegedly adhered to. He actually had an incredibly adventurous and dynamic life that LED him to learn and understand the things of God in the way he needed to understand, before he did devote his time entirely to his mission and calling as he accepted it – to bring others to the receive the knowledge/glory he had received – as the scriptures tell us we become “joint heirs with Him” (Romans 8:17).

So when a person seeking Jesus Christ is receiving the Second Comforter, they DO receive Jesus the dude, face to face. He actually does come and mentor us and explain stuff to our dumb little brains when we don’t get it, and he literally will take you to see things relevant to you – kind of like the way Scrooge was taken around by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. He will actually show you his scars if you need to see them to understand – the same way “doubting Thomas” felt he needed to see Jesus’ physical scars to believe it was really him – even though Jesus was actually no longer in the same kind of physical body we occupy:

“But Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came.

The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have seen the Lord. But he said unto them, Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe.” (John 24-25)

You will be helped in the ways you need help – just like Thomas was helped, to understand the things he needed to. If you need a different demonstration to help you understand, then you’ll be given that. These moments are going to be just as individual as any other private moments with an earthly friend and mentor. If you have practiced martial arts, you may understand this kind of personal relationship with your sensei – even though you are learning in a dojo alongside 30 other trainees. You will pay attention to different things than others would, and you will be shown things in different ways if you don’t understand a concept, and different conversations and exchanges will take place and different private, individual teaching moments will be given to you.

With the Second Comforter, we also receive the Christ frequency he received and embraced and emanated and taught and lived. BECOMING a CHRIST, just like Jesus did – VERY LITERALLY just like Jesus did, is the goal. If a person has “received the Fullness” – the full scope of this Second Comforter package deal, including receiving the Pure Love of Christ – they ARE a Christ in every way the same as Jesus is/was. If someone says they have “received the Fullness”, it means they have received ALL these things and embraced them and live them in their own life. We have made it a crime to receive the inheritance we are being offered because we are afraid to put ourselves in the same “category” as Jesus and embrace the archetype and become all the things he showed us we CAN – and are supposed to in THIS life, become. He is supposed to be the “ideal” representation of a Christ archetype – the “prototype of a saved man” as Denver Snuffer called him, not an “idol”.

So you receive and become a Christ also. If you are afraid to even believe or imagine you could stand in the presence of someone you consider to be great, you will certainly never become LIKE them. If you always consider yourself a lowly subservient who could never possibly be worthy of even standing before him, you will likely not find yourself standing before him.

A “father” teaches with the intention of teaching himself out of a job; a father teaches with the intent to help his child become GREATER than he was; he teaches with the intent of building up a hero, not creating an eternal subservient.

Jesus, likewise, does not become your father and teacher in heaven with the intent of enslaving you; he wants to see you soar and become greater than he was – like every other good master/teacher/parent on this earth who strives to help the student exceed what the master can even teach – thus exceeding the master:

Remember that doubt and disbelief and unbelief we need to overcome in order to stand in the presence of heavenly beings? We need to actually overcome those doubts and disbeliefs and un-beliefs – including the ones that tell you, you can’t do this, and you can’t stand with Jesus Christ because…. (whatever reason you come up with).

The offer has already been extended since thousands of years ago, and it was the same invitation Jesus received back in his day:

“Come unto Me.”

Now, you can choose to accept the invitation where you submit to his teaching; in other words, we agree and enter into a relationship with him, to be taught by him – and he will in turn, gain from the relationship as well. When you do learn how to make that tangible connection, you then have to trust that through the weirdness and the terror and the awe and wonder of spirituality, he’ll help you figure it out and get through it like he did when you are crying out to God begging that your cup be removed.

Jesus did not come here to be worshiped and idolized – that’s a very lonely and horrible life he never intended to have. He came here to be understood, and to gain friends in the “Fellowship of the Suffering of Christ”; and as Denver says, Zion IS a “flat model”; that means Jesus intends to stand WITH us in Zion, not over or on top of us; and to walk and talk WITH those members of Zion, and commune WITH his joint heirs.

There is so much to learn about the Pure Love of Christ and how it fits into the Second Comforter picture. It is important to receive and understand the PLoCh for yourself, and it is also important to understand how you can have “power in the priesthood” and not have the Pure Love of Christ. In other words, HOW does a person gain “priesthood power” and use that power for “good” or “evil”?

When your heart center opens up and you connect with every being in the universe; when you love them with the full capacity of love possible for a human; when you feel the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain and fears of every one of those beings in the universe as if they were your OWN, YOU may have a Garden of Gethsemane-like experience that is so overwhelming it causes you to have a physical reaction akin to bleeding from every pore. Jesus experienced “hematohidrosis” while praying in the garden when that conduit of pure love and empathy opened up for him; it’s kind of like having the wind knocked out of you on a cosmic level. However because that conduit of understanding and connection and “oneness” with every being in the universe, he became willing to give his life to help every one of us in the ways that God compelled him. That bond between him and all of us beings was recognized and sealed and crystallized and CHRISTED – or made one with Christ (the frequency/calling/way of being) 248b7acd7a17deb8e8acc9d90b5f3cc4on that level.

Jesus’ particular mission WAS to die the way he did, and with those particular people involved – not only for his cause and mission, but because he also had to consciously walk to the next realm and take up his higher density “spirit body”, and in order to do that, you have to let go of this lower density physical body; he had to do it in the way he did it. So in our perspective, you have to die – even if you are a translated being as Jesus was before his death on the cross.

Translated bodies cannot enter into rest until they have undergone a change equivalent to death. Translated bodies are designed for future missions. The angel that appeared to John on the Isle of Patmos was a translated or resurrected body.” (WoJS, p.77)

Make note of Joseph’s clarification that translation and resurrection are the SAME THING, and that state of existence is intended to be obtained in THIS lifetime. If you become translated, you get to choose that time and method of your death consciously.

The footnote on page 97 of WoJS clarifies “translation” even further:

“10. That is, translated individuals are still mortal. See Mormon’s perplexity regarding the nature of translated beings in 3 Nephi 28. In verse 15 he seems convinced that they are immortal; in verse 17 he does not know whether they were immortal or not. Finally, in verses 36-40 he indicates that he had learned by revelation that they were still mortal and would have to undergo a final change in order “to be received into the kingdom of the Father to go no more out.”

Pay attention here also, to the fact that Mormon – whom we regard as a prophet of God who walked and talked with the Lord, and whom we turn to for wisdom and guidance when we open our scriptures, was still learning and figuring things out – even after walking and talking with the Second Comforter and having a connection to God as we understand he did! As we know, Joseph Smith also made plenty of errors, and had confusion, and even to the end of his life was still learning and figuring out the weird world outside of this one we are familiar with.

Go easy on each other – as we are ALL going through weird personal spiritual journeys. We are all learning differently, and we need to LET each other learn differently, and at different rates. We can learn a lot from each other if we will trust that God is showing us all parts of the same elephant as we stand there in the dark trying to figure out why the trunk seems so different than the tail someone else discovered; we should SHARE all that knowledge and individual understanding instead of fighting about it. It all connects. That’s the whole point of Zion.

Jesus had to do the things he did in the way he did, in his particular life and circumstances; but that’s not how all our lives will play out just because we become a Christ. Every person will have their own individual way of becoming a Christ and will be led on journeys as individual as the people in the scriptures had. Your life needs to play out the way it will in your particular life and circumstances so you can learn that way. It’s like a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” story; we may all get the same basic template to return to God, but it’s important that we make those individual choices and follow our own journeys in order to learn the lessons we individually need to along the way – otherwise our time here in this life is pointless.

So THIS: “Empathy and the Pure Love of Christ” IS the element that will be different between dark beings with priesthood power and light beings with priesthood power. ALL OF US can become gods and use all this knowledge and these powers just the same. ALL OF US can receive everything involved with the Second Comforter – including a dark/fear-based/service-to-self mentor that will help you progress “darkly” – and it will help you simply because iempathyfeaturet furthers that dark being’s OWN agenda.

A person following the Christ/love/service-to-others path will have this Pure Love of Christ element open up within them and connect and seal and bond them with others. The Pure Love of Christ IS the “thing”/glue/sealant that creates the ability to seal and bond relationships. Service-to-self oriented beings are exploring all the realms associated with a fear-based existence and disconnectedness from God and their very source of existence. Those who follow the principles Jesus taught, are on the path of becoming service-to-others beings that live in the realms of love and connectedness/Zion/one heart and one mind.

We can gain all kinds of power and priesthood and see visions and beings and create miracles and do all of this we want, but we are not like Jesus – the “CHRIST” part of him – if we don’t receive THIS empathy and the Pure Love of Christ element of this whole Second Comforter package we’re talking about. This is why if we want to be like Jesus, we:

“…must needs have charity; for if he have not charity he is nothing” (Moroni 7:44)

We can still have a lot of power, but if we don’t have empathy/benevolence/charity – the same Pure Love of Christ that Jesus received and understood in his experience in the Garden of Gethsemane, that “godly” power will not be utilized in a way that fits the Christ/pure love archetype. So when terminology like “receiving Christ” is used, there are more layers to it than just having a face-to-face with Jesus.

These feelings associated with empathy and the Pure Love of Christ are what we sometimes confuse with “feeling the spirit” – like the idea of somebody crying on the pulpit because it touched their heart to see someone treat a homeless man with love; so they think they “felt the spirit”. The Holy Ghost is pure knowledge; “pure intelligence” as Joseph described it on page four of WoJS. The Holy Ghost delivers direct truth no matter what that truth is. If you cry about it, or if it scares you, it’s because that knowledge gave you an emotional response. So if a person is told or has an impression or is compelled to “go help that homeless man”, THAT is information associated with the Holy Ghost. If a person feels their heart swell at the idea and feels love for that man as a result and seeks for their well-being, then THAT is emotion associated with the Pure Love of Christ.

One more layer to receiving Christ that is important to understand, is that when you have received and embraced these things, you see the Christ that IS filling the world. You see all the things the scriptures say that man can’t see or know until they know God . When we are made privy to the “mind of the Lord” (D&C 68:4) as I talk about later, you see and understand concepts you didn’t before, and you become privy to knowledge of things like the hour of Christ’s coming (WoJS p.181). If you have received Christ, you see and know and understand “all things Christ” going on in the world, even if others don’t see and recognize those things with you. That is another part of “receiving Christ” with the Second Comforter package.

The second statement I have marked in this sermon is Joseph’s assertion that:

“…he will manifest the father unto him”.

I understand this is when Jesus Christ introduces you to his “Heavenly Father”. That happens very literally too. I was introduced to a being I understood as Heavenly Father and that being later introduced me to another being I understood as Heavenly Mother. Those beings have interacted with me several times since then, and have taught me very different things related to the male and female energies and “priesthoods”.

Joseph Smith boldly asserts that people “do not know they don’t understand God” and need to understand “what kind of a being is God” (WoJS p.343-349).  He continued to assert this idea that we MUST understand God, in Lectures on Faith:

“2. Let us here observe, that three things are necessary in order that any rational and intelligent being may exercise faith in God unto life and salvation.
3. First, the idea that he actually exists.
4. Secondly, a correct idea of his character, perfections, and attributes.
5. Thirdly, an actual knowledge that the course of life which he is pursuing is according to his will. For without an acquaintance with these three important facts, the faith of every rational being must be imperfect and unproductive; but with this understanding it can become perfect and fruitful…” (LOF, Lecture Third, 2-5)

Joseph was talking about “god beings” who know more than us and started our species here and are helping us ascend and figure all this out – like we’ve been taught the Elohim did. Joseph used enough words to fill several pages worth of discussion on the plurality of gods and how these beings who have done things before us, and know more than we do about our state of existence, are interacting with us on a much bigger level than we revolution-in-consciousness-e1433902604658understand. (WoJS p.378-382)

Joseph also discusses (in these same pages noted above), the God the father/creator/source of this whole universe – this “wonderful big God” as he stated (WoJS p.380). In the SC process, we get to meet and develop an understanding of that great being; a being that we sometimes lump into a personage we don’t understand. Although every conscious being in the universe does not look like us (the sun or earth for example), they are conscious beings who are actually playing conscious roles in this big game and learning and progressing as different kinds of beings. But we tend to humanly personify beings in the universe in a way that helps us feel comfortable. I think we’ve done that with our very limited understanding of “big God”. Joseph proclaimed that “all are to be crammed into 1 God” (WoJS p.380); all of us – including Jesus Christ and all other gods in the universe, are part of this “biggest God” (WoJS p.380) Joseph attempted to describe.

There are absolutely gods and those gods are our “fathers”; meaning they did stuff before us and know more in the scope of universal knowledge and are offering to help us figure all this out – just like Jesus is willing to help us. They are trying to teach us and trying to help us out here; and when we learn things, we will (hopefully) become “fathers” and teach others and try to help them out, too. But I think it’s important to understand which gods we are talking about in which circumstances, and that takes actually getting to know them – just like we get to know anyone else personally; you don’t actually know someone just because you read or hear about them, and read some stuff they wrote or said publicly. And you don’t get to know God or angels or Jesus or anyone else, without actually hanging out with them.

The Savior introduced me to beings I understood as Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother; and since then, I’ve continued to learn more about who they are and what their roles and nature are; but he has also taught me about all kinds of other beings and other gods in the universe.

I learned about this “big God” that IS the whole universe and that we are all part of too – just like Joseph explained. The Savior introduced me to THAT God…

…who then introduced me to myself

…most frightening person I’ve ever met.

In this process, you get to be sent out alone in the desert so to speak, to learn about yourself without the help of any god in the universe or multiverse holding your hand. You get to learn about your past, present, and future; the truth of your own nature; all the things that led up to your little life here; and all the things you are looking forward to; your relationship and connections with every being in the universe are understood; your purpose for being here is realized, and you are literally “undone” in this world.

You get to see how – like Jesus (as we are supposed to be like Jesus) – you descend below all things in order to learn to ascend above all things. You get to see the journey that God has taken you on since your first moment of realization as a photon of light coming into conscious existence – up to this point at this moment, and everything in between, and all the possibilities and probabilities ahead of you. When you understand yourself on this level, you will REALLY understand God and Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and Jesus and all the other beings we have naive pictures and understandings of. You will come to understand them intimately as God helps you learn to understand yourself.

The next section I have marked (3) in this sermon states:

“…they will take up their abode with him”.

When I used the example of putting your head through the window to talk to Jesus any time, this is what I was referring to. Those connections become solidified/sealed/bonded, and are there all the time; just like the friendships we have here on earth where we can just text somebody if we want to talk. Only you communicate the way we do it across the veil.

They “take up their abode with you”, and this new way of seeing and understanding and being able to commune with beings beyond the veil and operate in other realms becomes “common” – just like when you stepped into the realm of learning to drive. It was new at first and you paid attention to all the rules and how you were sitting and looking and you counted your distance from exits before you signaled an appropriate five seconds before merging…. Now you just drive – like you’re breathing.

Going back and forth between realms becomes something you get used to as a new reality. You are literally able to cross to that realm and talk to them any time you choose to – because you understand how. You literally do start seeing and walking and talking with them as one man or woman speaks to another – as you change and live in higher frequencies or in a quickened state – even though you’re walking around this lower frequency physical world.

You begin to think differently; and you ARE different in every way including physically. Sometimes it’s hard on people to be in higher densities in this physical body – as we can see it was for Jesus in the garden. Those times can cause the body to struggle, and that will teach us things. Sometimes we are miraculously healed, and that will teach us other things. You are physically affected individually in the Second Comforter process. We get the opportunity to experience both sides of it somewhere along the way, and in a way that will be both challenging/miraculous to you individually. Finding your perfect balance to become a translated being (the real meaning and intent of D&C 89 – as the last few verses indicate), will be part of all this. Learning to re-balance your body as you adjust to higher densities is part of the experience.

So that connection to God is solidified and the information and downloads and visions and visitations and all the weirdness become a new “normal”. You begin getting more comfortable with naturally operating in higher frequencies, and the conduit is open anytime you are in those higher frequencies. When you are “transfigured”, that higher frequency “range” becomes the norm and you pretty much reside within that range (and of course you continue working towards finer, higher frequencies).

When you learn to operate that way all the time and not just when you’re sobbing in prayer over your sacrament leftovers trying to get Jesus in front of you the first time, then God has taken up his abode with you. If they (deity) have taken up their abode with you, you have become “of one mind in the unity of the faith” as Joseph Smith says (WoJS 382) – of one heart and one mind – you’re “in Zion” with Jesus and Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and BIG God too. Bonds are SEALED/connected with them. You become “joint heirs” with Jesus Christ as we are told we become. Developing this relationship and having it “stick” is what it means to have them “take up their abode with you”.

Number four says:

“…the visions of heaven will be opened unto him”.

This is another phenomenon that is opened up and magnified through the second comforter process. If you are not familiar with visions, they can open up and develop over time – beginning with little glimpses of images and flashes of different sensory experiences. Synesthesia isshutterstock_210000454_web_1024 opened up, and sensory connections are made that give you different viewpoints of understanding things than those you are familiar with in your “fallen”, low-frequency, non-quickened state. Visions are associated with visual imagery in ways you might expect, like movie pictures in front of you. But visioning also plays out in ways that you can’t even fathom or understand until you experience an expansion of your senses; the opening up of the senses you are used to, and those beyond “the 5”; and then seeing how they actually are supposed to act in concert to create a complete experience.

When you are operating in a quickened state, your senses are not just separate, shallow observations like what something smells like, or “looks” like. Every interaction with every particle of information of light or knowledge or understanding or fellow consciousness you could possibly obtain comes to you emblazoned with multifaceted layers of godly knowledge – like a three-dimensional cymatic, cosmic kaleidoscope. If you allow God to “take up his abode with you”, visions ultimately open up to you on a level that becomes the new way you see.

Other “psychic” gifts open up, like remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, for example, along with many others that manifest depending on the specific talents and life journey individuals are taking. All these new “gifts of the spirit” open up to the point where you clearly see this dimension and other dimensions; and past, present, and future; and connections between information and events and emotions and people and times; or you see visions about people in the space next to them when you have conversations over coffee…

It’s kind of like adding a set of eyes you never had before and you see things differently because you didn’t use those senses before. Visions might be more obvious at first in dreams like Lehi had, or while you’re meditating or praying (JS talks a bit about this in WoJS p. 196, 199). But it reaches a point where it happens all the time and you constantly see (in all the new ways you learn to SEE) a whole bunch more layers of information about anything from past, present, or future possibilities and likely probabilities. All kinds of new sensory things become another “new normal” that you get to adjust to. If God has taken up his abode with you, then the visions DON’T. EVER. STOP.

You are taught a LOT by God using visions. It’s kind of like the interface used to demonstrate ideas from other worlds that you can’t explain in this world. If you learn something that can be explained with a book, you might be led to a certain book. If it can’t be explained well that way, or there is too much information to explain that way, you might be given visions to show you what is intended, and then downloads and telepathy and empathy and understanding will accompany the visions. The “Tree of Life” vision Lehi and Nephi had for example, and the “burning bush” vision, and the tree vision Joseph Smith had are all examples of how God uses this visionary interface to teach us abo13880311_623997244430664_4755430928106773232_nut his nature, our own nature, our reality, and our relationships with everything else in the universe. God has used this same visionary interface and the same tree structure and imagery to teach me those same things (and now those scriptures actually make sense to me!!).

“Visions of Glory” was this massive visionary experience “Spencer” had about ONE particular idea; and it took an entire book just to explain SOME of the imagery and SOME of the feelings and understandings at that point. From what I understand, he only told about 1/3 of that vision sequence, and only a small fraction of his understanding of it all.

When the visions of heaven open up to you, that level of visioning becomes just as regular as staring at the things in front of you, like your computer screen. You can see that level of visionary information about any situation you pay attention to at any time. Visions will be “given” to you as a form of spiritual/telepathic communication and understanding. Visions are sometimes so tangible and real that they can cross over into those “in or out of the body” experiences – where it is just as real as this world, and you “come back” with physical manifestations of those “visionary” experiences.

This idea is associated with sealing powers. When a person is adept in understanding visions (or anything else), and when it becomes integrated within a person on a level that they are adept enough in that thing that they can teach it, THEN they have “authority from heaven”, and THEN they can help others have these experiences too. Joseph clarified “authority” here among other places:

“The world is full of technicalities and misrepresentation, but I calculate to overthrow the technicalities of the world and speak of things as they actually exist. Again there is no revelation to prove that things do not exist in heaven as I have set forth, and we never can comprehend the things of God and of Heaven but by revelation. We may spiritualize and express opinions to all eternity but that is no authority.” (WoJS, p. 186)

This quote below demonstrates one of the times you can see Joseph Smith helping his friends cross that particular threshold with visions, and learn to have them:

“The party consisted of Presidents Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery and myself [Zebedee Coltrin]. … Joseph seemed to have a far off look in his eyes, or was looking at a distance and presently he, Joseph, stepped between Brothers Cowdery and myself and taking us by the arm, said, “Let’s take a walk.” We went to a place where there was some beautiful grass and grapevines and swampbeech interlaced. … Brother Joseph then said, “Now brethren, we will see some visions.” Joseph lay down on the ground on his back and stretched out his arms and the two of us layed on them. The heavens gradually opened, and we saw a golden throne, on a circular foundation, something like a light house, and on the throne were two aged personages, having white hair, and clothed in white garments. They were the two most beautiful and perfect specimens of mankind I ever saw. Joseph said, “They are our first parents, Adam and Eve.” Adam was a large, broad-shouldered man, and Eve as a woman, was a large in proportion.” (Minutes, Salt Lake City School of the Prophets, October 11, 1883.)

As an aside, pay specific attention to the way Joseph described both Adam and Eve as being physically different and larger in stature than we are now. I may revisit that topic in another post.

Also interesting, is the way the teaching was done at the School of the Prophets. It seems that classroom teaching was less important than hands-on experiences.

Joseph also had the joint vision of the “degrees of glory” (or degrees of knowledge and understanding, truth, and light,) with Sidney Rigdon that we are familiar with in D&C 76. You can find many accounts of other joint visions as well as joint visitations – like those they had at the School of the Prophets. Joseph had an understanding of how to see and because of his knowledge and level of understanding and adeptness in his visioning abilities, he had “authority from heaven” and was able to help others open up that ability too as they took their Second Comforter journeys.

I believe – and I’ll talk more later about what I understand is a responsibility after we go through these kinds of situations ourselves, to do what Jesus is willing to do and “hold space” for others so to speak as they go through this process, and help people understand and receive these things. In other words – it’s hard; I believe we are supposed to help each other through it; especially if we want the idea of Zion to happen.

We go through this awakening process – and we help each other go through this awakening process.


The next one (5) I have marked states:

“…the Lord will teach him face-to-face”

That means exactly what it says. However, I do think it’s important to note that Jesus does not always communicate with us face-to-face. You learn about a bunch more methods of communication – all kinds of psychic and telepathic gifts, like the “gifts of the spirit” discussed in D&C, Matthew, and Corinthians.

The in-person-personage-body is a form that is manifest for our comfort initially and to help in our connecting with and learning about higher realms, different frequencies and states of existence. It’s kind of like how water manifests and takes form differently, in different states, when different frequencies of energy are applied. Meeting with Jesus in this way means you have to do something like learn to be liquid that can turn to gas, so you can meet up with water that “condescended” from a plasma state to meet up with you in a gaseous state. When you learn about being in a gaseous state, H20 will no longer need to appear to you in a gaseous state and can interface with you in a plasma state because you’ll be learning about that state after understanding the gaseous state.

When we learn to understand higher density existence and quickened ways of communicating, Jesus will often send messages with his signature, for lack of a better way of saying it. It’s like he will send a download or package of information or a vision or something – and I know it’s from him – the same way I would know if my own son wrote me a letter. I would know it was him because I would recognize his language and spirit and the feeling associated with his letter, and I would recognize our specific communication mannerisms and inside jokes. I would know my own son wrote the letter beyond a handwritten signature because of the connection and personal relationship I have with him.

The same goes with communication with Jesus – but that “signature” is also present with face to face visitations, because as we know, somebody could appear as an angel of light. There is a signature or connection with Jesus’ spirit that you understand and recognize if you have bonded or have been “sealed” with him – so you’re not deceived by all the other things you might be receiving. The veil doesn’t just thin in the areas you are comfortable with; and you don’t just get to see angels and light beings. Opposition in ALL things is still a principle in this realm, so you’ll have LOTS of opportunity to learn about all parts of “beyond the veil”, not just the ones you want to learn about.

Another part of this face-to-face idea that is important to understand though, is that what is being asserted is the level of PERSONAL teaching a person will be getting from their beyond-the-veil mentor. We are taught in a way that is very personal and relevant to us, and, as we are told he will teach us, according to our own language and understanding:

“For my soul delighteth in plainness; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God giveth light unto the understanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding. (2 Nephi 31:3)

If Jesus is going to come teach me face to face, he is going to lead me and take me places and show me things that are relevant to ME and what I understand in my little world and in my little head. This relationship with him is NOT generic classroom teaching; it’s going to be much harder than that; like life lessons that hurt and actually cause me to take action and make changes in MY OWN life. It will be as if… because we are… sitting there face to face talking about the things right there in the room on a personal level, and using those examples right in front of me that I can understand and that are relevant to ME.

That is the case with this kind of connection with the Second Comforter, and that is how this face-to-face teaching happens, and he will use OUR experiences and understandings and traditions and hang-ups and religious platform and cultural understanding and familial dynamics, and our sensitivities and weaknesses and strengths – and everything else personal and “in our face” to us individually.

If someone needed to understand HOW to have visions, Joseph didn’t send them to a classroom in the School of the Prophets or tell them to go to church; he took them out in the woods away from the public, and SHOWED them how, and HELPED them have visions – the same way we get down on the floor and help our kids learn to draw. Jesus showed and helped people have experiences; he did not preach at a pulpit and criticize people who didn’t understand; he took them out in a boat in the middle of the sea, in the middle of a storm, and he SHOWED them how, and HELPED them walk on the water.

Joseph Smith talks about how all things in this world are revealed in the abstract (WoJS p.360, also more about revelation later). Abstract thinking is different from the norm or mainstream; which means, THAT angle of abstract is going to be according to our very specific and particular understanding, and from THAT vantage point, we will be taught by God about the object of our focus.

If we need individual demonstrations or ordinances “according to our own language and understanding” to help teach us or convince us of something, we’ll get that – just like Isaiah was given a demonstration to help him understand a concept when the Seraph burned his lips to help him realize he DID have the ability to speak and teach the things he had integrated, and that he had the ability to teach with “authority”, wisdom and understanding.

If you don’t understand something, you may be given a demonstration or ordinance; a staff may be turned into a serpent to help someone “get it”. Or, they may be told to take the sacrament with wine instead of water in order to help them “get it”. Or, they might be told to go swimming seven times in a river to help them “get it”. Or, God might tell your guru to spit in the dirt and slather mud on your eyes to help you “get it”. You might be led to go secretly hang out with the Allred polygamist group for 8 months to help you “get something” before you are led to a demonstration or life experience that will help you understand the next thing. Whatever a person needs, in order to understand something, is what they will be given and led to so they can be taught. If you are in connection with Jesus Christ as your mentor, you’ll be taught the way he was – by individual direction and experience via the “commandments of god”; those things God leads YOU to do that will best teach you in your own journey through this life of understanding God.

The next statement I marked (6) tells us:

“…he may have a perfect knowledge of the Mysteries of the kingdom of God”.

This is when the veil drops and you get fed with the fire hose about the nature of our reality and our existence and an understanding of God and how all this universe was created and how it operates and how things work in this and other Realms and with other beings and dimensions. This is the point you reach when you have taken the red pill and you can’t throw it up even though you want to.

e56495bc4eFrom that point forward you don’t see anything the same way ever again. I mean, that beyond the “visions” and beyond the way everything in the whole universe literally in every way, looks and feels and sounds and smells and appears and resonates differently to you because of your opened senses and expanded mind; you understand it – and you understand what you don’t understand. I think that’s the point I was at when I REALLY realized how little I actually have known all along, and how much there is to learn and understand.

You learn how “the Mysteries” work and the gist of everything; the truth of ALL things; but then the details keep filling in and you learn more and more intimate layers until the whole universe is turned inside out; and you, as a photon of conscious light is the only thing that remains and you get to learn to understand all of it, and how it all connects to you individually in the universe, and how you individually in the universe relate and connect to God and everything else. So you UNDERSTAND God at this point, and then you get to keep learning and experiencing more…..

All the other stuff involved – including meeting Jesus – is in my opinion, building to THIS part of your awakening, and THIS knowledge includes the full scope of knowledge and understanding surrounding the Pure Love of Christ. The glory of God IS intelligence = light/truth/knowledge. This is the knowledge of everything = the truth of ALL things. THIS is where the “power” to do ANYTHING in the heavens or in connection with other beings or God or Jesus or sealing or anything else, begins. Having an understanding of how it all works is imperative to any power or ability or progression or integration. Knowledge happens first, and then “sealing” is the integration and understanding on a level that gives you actual power with that knowledge.

I think – that is, I am assuming – this is what Denver meant in his “Why Wait” blog post with his assertion about Jesus’ ministry being the most important thing – rather than meeting him. I agree. Meeting Jesus is like the honeymoon, but the next 60 years you spend falling in love and building on that and solidifying your relationship and learning about each other and building things and making magic together – that is like “the ministry” and that’s the important part. The important part is not a “marriage ceremony” or possible specific ordinance you might be looking for; it’s the journey and the lessons and the interactions and the experiences and the growth and the awe and the wonder and the expansion of your mind to the level of experiencing and feeling and understanding it in a way that enables you to act with wisdom; and walk as Jesus walked.

Number seven (7) discusses:

“…the spirit of Revelation”

Joseph notes that this “spirit of Revelation” is also in connection with “these blessings” (the other parts of the SC package he is discussing in that sermon). Joseph associated revelation with “pure intelligence” which is also the first comforter or the Holy Ghost as he mentions on page 4. Revelation, and “the spirit”, and the Holy Ghost, and pure intelligence, and the first comforter, are the same idea, said differently.

The Second Comforter is absolutely related to the First Comforter and the First Comforter is part of the Second Comforter package deal. If you do not have your Holy Ghost connection to the heavens, and the ability to receive pure intelligence by revelation, you won’t even believe or be able to understand the experiences you might have with Jesus in other realms, or the mysteries or the visions you see, or any other potential dealings with heaven. You have to be able to receive revelation and have that conduit opened for the other ones to work too. I believe that’s why Joseph pointed out that connection between revelation and the First Comforter – because it is a very necessary element in all of this.

When your spirit is connected with heaven and opens up and harmonizes with quickened frequencies and becomes “holy” as we call it, and you receive the First Comforter or the Holy Ghost, then your spirit has “the spirit of revelation”. But if that conduit is not opened and you are not able to receive pure, direct, revelation and “godly” intelligence, then you won’t be able to have an experience face-to-face with Jesus because you won’t be able to receive the revelatory/telepathic/pure intelligence, telling you that IS Jesus, and deciphering what he is teaching you and giving understanding to the experience.

We try to categorize and separate all these elements of the Second Comforter that are connected; all of these things really are going on simultaneously, and they ebb and flow within us, and grow and build as we learn; none of this stuff happens in any particular order, and it will NOT happen exactly the way it did for Nephi, or Joseph, or Denver, or your neighbor, or anyone else. We mostly categorize things in our heads to make it comfortable for us to understand (and that is done in our individual languages and religions and understandings….). If you were to re-label this chart for this purpose, and break out these nine categories we are discussing here, the process of receiving the SC actually would look something more like this than an ordered list or an outline:


You are receiving and growing and building in each area at the same time – “line upon line, precept upon precept”, until you understand enough to make adjustments and learn a little more in other areas. Some areas have more development at this point and some have less. You’ll receive the Second Comforter in whatever way and order and balance you need to learn in. It’s all happening in a way that balances out and helps you understand the different layers in an order that makes sense TO YOU. Receiving the Second Comforter looks more like an internal 3D cymatic kaleidoscope star explosion, than any charted outline or handbook procedure.

Joseph vehemently SUNG the fact that receiving knowledge is what makes us gods (WoJS 200-202, among all the other places that teach us this principle, that the glory of God IS intelligence).

“Knowledge does a way darkness, suspense and doubt, for where Knowledge is there is no doubt nor suspense nor darkness. There is no pain so awful as the pain of suspense. this is the condemnation of the wicked; their doubt and anxiety and suspense causes weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. In knowledge there is power. God has more power than all the other beings because he has greater Knowledge, and hence he knows how to subject all other beings to him.” (WoJS, p.183)

The “grand key that unlocks the glories and mysteries” as Joseph explains, is in KNOWLEDGE of the mysteries of the kingdom and obtaining that knowledge IS the “principle of salvation”.

“…this hope & knowledge would support the soul in every hour of every trail trouble & tribulation Then knowledge through our Lord & savior Jesus Christ is the grand Key that unlocks the glories & mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven. Compair this principle once with Christondom at the present day & whare are they with all their boasted religion piety & sacredness while at the same time they are Crying out against Prophets Apostles Angels Revelation, Prophesyings, & Visions & C. Why they are just ripening for the damnation of hell, they will be damned for they reject the more glorious principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ & treat with disdain & trample under foot the main key that unlocks the heavens & puts in our possession the glories of the Celestial world. Yes I say such will be damned with all their professed godliness. (WoJS, p.202, original text, emphasis mine.)

This obviously is not referring to secular “knowledge” or rather, “expert” opinions and conclusions about the world and the universe based on “proofs” as we can compare them against a standard obtained from THIS tiny realm of understanding, within THIS tiny ignorant, “fallen”, world. (We really ought to get out more.)

Dark beings can also be “saved” too – or in other words, gain enough knowledge to act with power in this realm; become one of these “dark translated beings” people whisper about. If the glory of god is intelligence, then there are necessarily dark, intelligent beings who are gods in every right – the same way light gods are gods. (WoJS 205-209, 213, 254, 308, 311.)

The bottom line, is that KNOWLEDGE saves, not “lack of being naughty according to whom ever’s opinion, in whatever religion”. (See also WoJS 346-7, 361.)

The next statement I have marked (8) is this:

“The man will find his Calling and Election made sure: then it will be his privilege to receive the other comforter.”

Again… not in order here. When a person reaches a certain point in their journey to awaken and connect with the heavens, in whatever way you need to understand it, God will let you know your place in the universe, and why you are here on this earth in this particular life, at this particular time, with these particular people, in this particular drama. You’ll learn which archetype you came here to embrace and magnify, and you will learn your “mission” and “calling” so to speak. You’ll learn your place in all of this and you’ll have enough knowledge to know that you’ve made it to the point where you have exited “the other world” and are not part of it in the same way you were before, and that you are on this other journey – reconnecting with God and also reconnecting with others crossing similar thresholds.

In order for a person to receive/accept/understand their “calling and election” as Paul termed it thousands of years ago, they have to go through this process and start receiving some of the other things above – revelation has to be opened up for one. As Joseph Smith pointed out on page 4, “…This is that sealing power spoken of by Paul in other places”. I talk more about the sealing powers in the next section below; sealing is another imperative part of the Second Comforter process and package.

Your understanding of your calling and election will come BECAUSE you are in the process of realizing your bond/connection/sealing to God; and you are being compelled to connect with all other beings – that are also equally part of God, and you learn to understand your place – your “calling” and your “appointment” or “election” to do those things within in that picture, that you came here to do at this particular time in the universe, alongside everyone else in the universe who is going through figuring out their own place; their own “meaning of life”.

This is an important individual realization and understanding to come to and it becomes the model around which you mold the rest of your life. If you have always been a business person and God leads you through life changing experiences that help you realize you always wanted to become a teacher, you will probably change your life to fill that “calling” you are compelled toward and that IS YOU. This is a similar idea – but maybe a little bigger than a job choice. When you discover who you are, the idea is to become that here, and now, and in THIS life.

When I was told my calling and election is “made sure”, I understood that in a very different way than I do now, and at the time, I had almost no knowledge about any of this Second Comforter stuff beyond classroom teaching delivered by my equally ignorant peers in church. I was just starting on a journey outside the canonized boundaries of the church where I would find more answers than I had ever had available to me before. I was told in a way that was comforting to me, and in a way that I understood at the time. Several years later now, I understand a WHOLE LOT MORE about what that means, but the information I received still applies and still gives me comfort and is still an important anchor for me to feel I can hold on to – even if I have learned more and it means more than I thought it did at first. But, as I said, it really is the realization of all of this we’re talking about – the whole Second Comforter package – your life journey, and “why”.

Number nine, discusses:

“…the sealing power”.

This is the power/ability to act with this new knowledge; to utilize and foster the connections and seal bonds and evoke godly “magic” so to speak. This is also known as priesthood power and it is done in cooperation with other parts of God (and as we know, we are all parts of God). Joseph tried to explain this sealing idea in a couple different ways and we turned it into other things, and missed the whole point. Sealing power is the ability to act with this new knowledge you receive from outside the world; and to act on the pure intelligence you receive about the mysteries of the kingdom, and in cooperation with the other elements and beings of the universe. It’s the ability to utilize this new power that knowledge gives you, and use it with wisdom in this realm. If you are seeking a Christ path, “sealing” is utilizing “priesthood powers” in a way that does not impose upon the agency of others – even “dark” others.

If a person has become adept in priesthood power/sealing powers/miracles/”magic” – whatever you want to call it, in a way that enables them to fully utilize their human potential in this world – even to the point of having power over death, they would be what we call a translated being.  They would have a level of priesthood we call Patriarchal priesthood power. They would be at a point where they have fully integrated the knowledge they have received from heaven in a way that gives them optimal power and mastery over THIS realm/world/existence and the ability to interact with the realms outside this one. That means they understand how to circumvent this lower density existence and operate as a higher density being, and live higher density laws, but still in this world – “being IN the world, but not OF the world”.

So mastery of these powers requires alchemy/bonding/connections with other entities including the elements and people and animals and the cosmos and energy and spirit and light and every other part of this world we are supposed to “create Zion with”; you get to learn to make seals and bonds and connections with even the very air you breathe – that is also just as much a part of God as you are. You learn the nature of our reality, and then you learn to actually operate that way. That requires sealing and bonding relationships on ALL levels and operating in harmony with those beings on any level. This, of course, requires more time and experience and learning and understanding… more line upon line, and more bonds and relationships to be connected and sealed and built upon.

This demonstration I learned a few years ago might help explain the principles involved with sealing on all levels:

When I was learning about the nature of our reality, and how the elements operate, and how the relationships work between everything on every level – from macro-cosmic, to micro-quantum, I was also learning to work with those individual photons that make up “everything”; these conscious individuals and beings who were very connected to myself – not simply expendable “dead” objects like the way we might regard a table or a rock. With this understanding of connectedness, I learned about a “gift of the spirit” called psychokinesis (PK), where I learned to soften and manipulate metal by interfacing with the elements and literally developing a harmonious relationship with them; then sealing or bonding that relationship, and gently persuading them to act in a completely different way than they were accustomed to behaving in the “laws” of their normal realm.

That I could connect with and persuade those elements and successfully and cooperatively bend metal without acting against the agency of those elements, is what makes that sealing power happen: THAT is alchemy; THAT is the power enabling Zion.

In the case of negatively oriented beings, if they are going to use the same powers from heaven and not powers of this physical world, instead of Christ-love persuasion, they might use manipulation and trickery and lies; but they still use the same principles to make the priesthood miracles happen. An entity may CHOOSE to be persuaded by the Pure Love of Christ, or it may CHOOSE to be persuaded by manipulation (just like we choose those conditions and relationships in THIS life). However, the entities involved still have CHOICE. When sealing powers are used, agency has to be allowed for the alchemy to work – whether bonding relationships, utilizing elements, extending blessings or cursings, in healing, in performing miracles, and as a person travels their journey to God – agency MUST be preserved.

Dark beings are only able to progress to a certain level of understanding BECAUSE of their refusal to embrace harmony and cooperation and support preservation of agency, and their inability to make those sealings and bondings and connections with other entities and God, for themselves without the use of manipulation. They MUST at some point (a point that is reached much further down the road than this world), choose to embrace the principles of Christ love, and support agency at all costs, and embrace pure Christ love (as God IS love), in order to progress. That, however, is another discussion, for another time.

You create and foster a harmonious relationship with this utterly different being, in order to cooperatively combine our different talents, needs, wants, states of existence, understanding, beliefs, etc., and combine some of those elements to create a completely new element that takes a new form and creates a new thing that didn’t exist before (like the new state of the metal, or a baby, or a new company, or all the “miraculous” things you could manifest or accomplish using the principles surrounding sealing bonds and relationships.)

All this happens as you and other beings find a harmonic resonance that creates magic/alchemy/priesthood power together because you realize your thread of connection in your differences, that leads you both back to the same big God we talked about earlier, and this “cooperation with the heaven” as Denver calls it, gives us power in our combined knowledge. Building more knowledge and wisdom and ability, adds to your level of priesthood power and if you act in harmony with others who also utilize priesthood knowledge and ability, that power is magnified.

Connectedness and cooperation, used with knowledge and wisdom, gives us power, and we can do exponentially more with combined efforts and talents – and especially if you understand how to make that “Zion connection” with others – even the very elements. That principle applies all throughout the universe on every layer. Any time you EXIST, you are doing something where there are always other beings involved on some level. And you are either acting in concert/harmony with them, or you are not.

You learn the POWER involved in acting in concert and allowing others’ agency, when you learn to understand sealing powers. You learn how that power is magnified beyond where the highest levels of “darkness” can reach if it is employed with the Pure Love of Christ instead of manipulation or trickery.

A couple of my friends – a married couple who went through the Second Comforter process in their early 20s – learned to “walk on water” the same way I learned about “warm forming” metal (although it was more like them getting up on top of this “bubble” of water and not falling in, rather than properly walking). Again, this is an example of sealing alchemy or a “marriage” of relationships. In this case, my friends, and the consciousnesses that make up the water. That cooperation – the different talents those beings have and their agreement to use them in cooperation with each other – is what makes the “miracle” happen that kept them up on top of the water.

I didn’t “bend the metal”, I “gently persuaded” the elements to work with me and they behaved differently and softened and allowed me to move them. My friends didn’t “make the water hard”, they persuaded that extension of themselves – these other beings that make up all the photons within the water they were swimming in – to “sustain” them or hold them up in that way, instead of behaving the way they naturally do individually, where they would typically allow my friends to fall through into the pool. That’s an example of sealing power – acting in concert with another being harmoniously to create a new thing.

It happens exactly the same way in our person-to-person or group relationships; we either act in harmony and agree to freely share whatever talents and abilities and strengths and knowledge and wisdom God gave us, to create something amazing and better than what we are – and we do that with the PLoCh for each other, and we honor and support individual agency and choices and likes and dislikes and differences, and we seal bonds and relationships with each other and create an alchemical situation, or we do not.

If we think about the most obvious relationships we have with other parts of this big being we call God, we would probably think first about our significant other or our kids, or the families we grew up in. If we want to have a bond or sealing or have harmony and alchemy in those relationships, we have to act with the same principles I talked about with the cooperation required in “warm forming” metal. That harmony has to be found; and parties must have their sovereign agency preserved and CHOOSE to act in concert with others (in the way they individually play), or choose to disagree and create conflict and opposition, or cognitive dissonance. They cannot be forced or controlled in any way that removes the choice.

If there is not harmony, it is not alchemy – it is not a MARRIAGE of entities. Gentle persuasion is always an option, but the agency to bond with others and act with others on any level has to be preserved for heavenly power to take place. In this world we are used to hands-on physical action/force and control/hammer and nails. We are not used to doing something like asking the elements to work with us and simply grow or produce a beautiful home like the way “Spencer” described working with the elements in Visions of Glory; but we COULD be doing that stuff if we had a little more knowledge.

When people choose to act on the same frequencies, that necessary harmony is found and bonds are sealed and realized and re-connected. Whatever harmony and magic is “sealed” or realized as couples or groups or families or whatever relationship form it takes, will continue until we are done with this whole big “eternal round” size project we are part of. Finishing this third dimensional earth experience together will seal and bond us all on even higher levels we don’t realize yet until we can see outside this world.

When you are operating on a higher frequency, like the principles you can learn about in 7th grade science, you will necessarily share that frequency with those around you – just by your association with them. Your relationship with them is by choice on some level in the universe – even if intended as a challenge; so if you interface with others and you are on a higher frequency and you maintain that higher frequency range, you will help others raise their frequency just by “hanging out” with them; and that frequency can be extended when you are NOT there in person – the same way we are still affected by the things Jesus said 2000 years ago, or thd6577d5a550341ac493b3cb50f1b892be way we are affected by someone across the world who posts something on Facebook that brightens us.

This is the idea discussed in the scriptures when the woman grabs the hem of Jesus’ robe in order to be healed. Just the transfer of energy from being around him and touching something embedded with his “spirit”, was healing and lifting and quickening and enlightening. That quickened light literally “rubs off” on lower frequency light and increases its frequency. Joseph Smith employed the same idea when he blessed the handkerchief he then sent on for someone to receive and be healed from.

This principle of emanating this frequency and deliberately, consciously sharing it is also part of the sealing powers. It is part of what I understand is a responsibility that goes along with that knowledge, to help others whom I’ve connected with personally to receive the things I have received. For a person to teach someone on this level, they need to be “sealed” to God themselves, but also be “sealed” or connected with the person they are teaching – the same way I am connected and bonded with my kids and fully invested in the well-beings of their very souls; if you don’t care about the person you are teaching in the way Jesus cared about each one of us – with the kind of love he realized in the Garden of Gethsemane, you will not be able to teach them those things that require an alchemical connection; you have to be bonded to teach one to bond with others.

If someone has sealing powers (at least an understanding of and ability to use a particular element of knowledge), they CAN use that knowledge and ability to help others be quickened and connect with the heavens and learn to connect themselves to God and receive the same things. A person with adept priesthood abilities can do things like help others learn to have visions – as in the examples I gave earlier. They can also help others connect with beings and deity, and help them open up other areas of the veil.

The fact that that seal/bond/connection IS realized between individuals, opens up the same kind of responsibility or need or compulsion to do everything I have the ability to do, to help a person succeed in their journey to connect with God; to help them realize and receive the fullness of the Second Comforter – the same way I would with my own kids I am bonded and sealed and connected to.

Joseph Smith decided on these symbolic ways of publicly acknowledging a bond that is realized between people and called it a “sealing”; and, quite properly and scientifically (as he WAS science minded), a “marriage”. In the scriptures, outward symbolic ordinances were used to demonstrate spiritual events. Baptism by water is actually ideally a symbolic announcement of having received baptism by fire and the Holy Ghost; you can revisit the scriptures I’m referencing HERE in the article I wrote about my symbolic re-baptism. I did it as a symbolic expression of what I had already received.

When a marriage ceremony is performed, the falling in love, and bonding, and deciding between them and God to have this life together – the ACTUAL “marriage union”, has already taken place; the ceremony is the public announcement and acknowledgement of an agreement between two people that has already been established privately between them. Joseph performed these symbolic expressions of those bonds and recognition of connections taking place with his friends in the crowd, in a similar way.

He had sealing ceremonies to announce or symbolically and publicly acknowledge those spiritual bonds and connections. Somehow we forgot along the way that he was also doing these symbolic ceremonies with men and old ladies and a lot of other people in the crowd; not just the 14 year old girls everybody is up in arms about. Sealing ceremonies were about connected relationships and spiritual bonds and the Pure Love of Christ, not the unfortunate situations that resulted when this became misunderstood.

When all these parts of the Second Comforter package are opened, you pretty much see the world very transparently and that includes the way you see other people. That transparency extends into past, present and future and other realms and dimensions. You understand people on levels you didn’t even know existed before this whole life-changing experience.

I might meet somebody in the crowd and remember them from long before this eternal round – even billions of years ago. All of that opens up to you. So you see your relationships with people on a completely different level. You know your family in heaven, so to speak, and those beings you are very intimately connected with and came here with to this earth to do this whole life project with. When you recognize those relationships beyond this earth life and you have the Pure Love Of Christ and want to re-connect and seal the divisions in our spirits – our divisions from being connected with God – those bonds are sealed because you recognize them through the Holy Spirit of Promise – which is the information delivered to you via the Holy Ghost conduit. There is a new level of understanding of the relationship and that bond is made extremely clear to you. That’s a pretty interesting realization when you recognize that bond with someone that is difficult for you to get along with at the time.

The only way I know how to describe the realization of that sealing, is to say that it is kind of like the intensity of love I had when that bonding moment happened when I had my babies. It was not from this world, and there is nothing in the universe that could break that. It’s like that “Zehelu” connection they make with each other in “Avatar” when they SEE/UNDERSTAND/KNOW, and ARE PART OF each other. You have those moments of recognition with other people – the same way you understand and know on every level of your soul as you connect with God, and those moments create a spiritual bond between you and the other person that is just as unbreakable as the one I described with my kids. Then the other person will necessarily raise in frequency because of THAT association that may not even be acted out in this world as a close physical interaction or friendship or relationship.

The Holy Spirit of Promise is our understanding and recognition of a sealing bond – in whatever way that alchemical bond happens, and however we come to understand it. If you have this sealing bond with God, then all the same things I discussed above, including this type of alchemy relationship necessarily happens between you and God. The same frequency-raising-thing happens when you are hanging out with higher-frequency, quickened beings like Jesus or Heavenly Mother or Father or the big God being we are all part of.

Sealing is eliminating separation while preserving the agency to do things that separate us. When there is no separation and division, and there is knowledge and wisdom, then “magic” can happen as bonds are created with new available elements. This equals priesthood power; sealing power.

If you have sealing power, you have entered into the realm of one heart and one mind and are acting in concert with [whatever other being/element] and entering into a Zion existence. You are connecting the the hearts of the fathers to the children through the principles of peace taught by Melchizedek who emanated these Zion principles based on the Pure Love of Christ (this is talking about “fathers” on many levels).

You are acting as D&C 121 says – which is the necessary formula for the alchemy that creates Zion:

“No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;
By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile—
Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy;
That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger than the cords of death.
Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as the dews from heaven.
The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion, and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever.” (D&C 121:41-46)

Jesus Christ was one of the people who went through that same Second Comforter process – as Joseph Smith explained:

“If a man gets the fulness of God [“priesthood” as in the published version], he has to get [it] in the same way that Jesus Christ obtained it” (WoJS, p.307, 38, original text, incl. brackets.)

Then when he received the Fullness he ascended from this earth into the next realm and did it in a direct and efficient way that brought light and love to others as well. Because of his particular mission, he had an incredible reach and a loud volume of power as well.

He showed us what we get to go through in the ascension or redemption or exaltation process; only it will happen individually and differently, of course, for each of us. Everything Jesus went through is the kind of thing we go through – that’s the Second Comforter process. We get to learn all the same things and receive ALL Jesus received and become equal and joint heirs with him as Joseph also taught we become:

“What was the design of the Almighty in making man, it was to exalt him to be as God, the scripture says yet are Gods and it cannot be broken, heirs of God and joint heirs I with Jesus Christ equal with him possessing all power &c.” (WoJS, p.247, original text.)

We’ll go through the eye of the needle and be brought to the point where we beg for the cup to be taken from us in whatever way that bitter cup is individually challenging us. We’ll go through a Garden of Gethsemane-like experience that connects us to every other being in the universe via the Pure Love of Christ and makes us go through something akin to bleeding from every pore. We’ll go through being stripped of everything in this world that is important to us – including our own physical body. We’ll go through wandering in the desert and feeling that God and Jesus and everything in the universe has forsaken us and we have to figure out how to take the next thousand steps alone.

You get to go through figuring out what the hell all the weirdness means when you have weird physical things happen as a result of being in quickened states – like what King Lamoni and his wife experienced, or like what Moses went through when he couldn’t get up for five hours after a vision. You’ll get to be persecuted and cast out. You’ll get to be accused and judged for hanging with the lepers and whores, and you’ll be called one yourself. ALL those things the people in the scriptures and church history described are really what we go through when we have these significant experiences beyond the veil that you can’t understand unless you’ve had similar experiences.

Then you come out the other side of the eye of the needle, and you are bloody and inside out and you get to learn to figure out what the hell to do with all this Second Comforter stuff and learn to become human again and integrate all you’ve learned and try to catch up with the fire hose that doesn’t shut off anymore. You always see those people in the scriptures go through the worst utter hell they could go through in their circumstances and that catalyst takes them to God. They find God, are “undone/stripped of the natural man”, and transformed. Then they get to become a new person like Saul/Paul, or Alma the younger or King Lamoni.

You come out the other side and you can see beyond the universe. You have knowledge you didn’t even know you could have. You see in ways you’ve never thought you could see. Your senses are opened up so far you can hear a spider thinking across the neighborhood. You see algorithms and connections lining up for billions of years perfectly creating that amazing moment you’re experiencing. You feel things on a level you never thought you could feel – and that does make you bleed from every pore – parabolically speaking; but it also makes you feel more love than you could ever imagine!

You can’t even imagine feeling the love of every creature and conscious photon of light in the universe until you experience that; and it’s absolutely worth the other side of this journey that “strips us of the natural flesh”. You get to interact with things outside of this world and beyond the universe. You get to learn about other universes. You get to figure out what to do with all of that information about the Mysteries of God and the Mysteries of the Kingdom, in THIS life. And as this Second Comforter process unfolds, it looks a lot more like a midlife crisis – the way Job had, than some beautiful awakening like we imagine when we read scriptures or watch LDS Productions.

The point is, ALL of this stuff – everything we study and read about and strive for and work to overcome – it’s ALL about receiving the Pure Love of Christ; being quickened and opening your consciousness and connecting with heaven and heavenly beings; then learning to integrate all that, and connecting and bonding with others – the Pure Love of Christ again.

Jesus is our focus for a reason – just like you had the specific children you did for a reason, and connected with your spouse for a reason. He’s connected to our spiritual tribe/group/family and as I said before, his reach and spiritual volume is so big and such a powerful beacon that he’s an easier being to recognize when we are seeking these things. He came to OUR group that we are connected with; but there are several other groups on this planet mingled with humanity. There are other mentors and Gods people look to in order to figure out how to attain or become a god. All of this means he actually DOES come babysit us through it from across the veil – if we seek him, as he promised; but what he’s babysitting us through, and all that’s on the other side, is really the important part.

There are those who go through this process and seek negatively oriented gods to mentor them using the same powers of Heaven and the same knowledge and information in a service-to-SELF way, instead of a Zion/Christ/service-to-OTHERS way. Who we seek in order to help us through the process is relevant in our individual lives. Jesus is not jealous if God may have deliberately placed someone in Tibetan Buddhism for example, who is among the symbolic 144,000, that will help lead people to realize the same things, through that path. If someone will listen better to Buddha then God will send Buddha instead of Jesus; but we are Christians, so we focus on Jesus Christ and his mentorship and all he did for us in OUR language and understanding, and the massive amount of light he brought to the whole world, but also specifically to those who seek him.

For any of this to happen, you have to be quickened/raise frequency/increase vibration/purify/cleanse/etc.

When you are quickened, you gain pure knowledge/downloads/revelation via the Holy Ghost/the Spirit/YOUR Ghost/Spirit made “holy”, or quickened.

When you gain knowledge, you experiment upon “the word” (in the beginning was “the word” or knowledge…. the Glory of God is intelligence; intelligence/knowledge/and knowing HOW to do stuff and seal bonds is what creates), and you build, and practice, and learn to use that knowledge with wisdom.

When you know how to utilize that knowledge with wisdom and become adept, you have sealing power.

Anyone – light or dark – can pierce the veil and gain knowledge and develop priesthood and bond and seal connections with beings. You CHOOSE if you are going to act on this godly knowledge and wisdom in service-to-self/negative oriented/dark/satanic/removal of agency/etc., or in service-to- others/positive oriented/light/Christlike/Zion oriented.

So it does not take “being good” as this religious tradition asserts, to pierce the veil. However, having the pure love of Christ IS the high frequency state of connectedness we are trying to reach, and having that Christ-love WILL necessarily quicken you. This third dimension IS the realm of learning the many facets of love, and successfully learning the principles of love; so the Pure Love of Christ will accelerate your frequency/quickening in this realm faster than anything I know of.

Being “righteous” or having the “righteousness of God” though, means having the wisdom and understanding to utilize godly knowledge. You can see the origins of the word here and that righteousness has to do with wisdom/being wise: x.php?term=righteous

If you are using knowledge with wisdom – “wisely” or “righteously” – it will efficate the power available with that combination of knowledge – and if you do the “right” or “wise” thing, you will have sealing powers.

SO, the Second Comforter or your “endowment”, along with your Calling and Election is to receive these things/go through this process that gives you the knowledge of God and the mysteries, makes you a joint heir with others who embrace Christ and connects you with others in Zion. It is the process of personal growth and quickening and piercing of the veil and learning and gaining of wisdom and development of powers and the sealing or connecting with or receiving of a Christ mentor we connect with wslack-for-ios-uploadho holds our hand and helps us through the ascension process. Then we do the same kinds of things that our mentor did, and become a mentor in the same way to others – and we share these gifts and connect and seal relationship bonds with others through the same Pure Love of Christ, that Jesus realized and expressed for us. That has been a portion of my experience, anyway.




26 thoughts on “The Second Comforter “Package-Deal”

    1. YES absolutely!! There may be something earlier in your life that led you to have a hard time with communication – at least in this way, or feeling like you CAN assert your feelings to even God or the Savior. This was a hard one for me personally. I used to hate praying – yes I mean for real. I felt like I was pretending to be someone I’m not for someone who responded to me as much as the door did. I started talking to God and ALSO praying/talking with Jesus Christ, and I told them how I REALLY felt; out loud; I mean they KNOW anyway, right? I started talking with them like they were not “the door” – I talked with them the way I would actually talk to people in front of me – even if I had respect for them; I took off the mask FOR THEM, that I put on for others around me – as we all do (that means they hear me swear, and see me cry, and hear me lament and complain and get angry and scared – they get REAL JULES). That made a HUGE difference. That means I get “real THEM”. I learned that they do actually care about ME, not just the format in which I pray, and the format in which I read, and the format in which I don’t take too many steps on Sunday… they actually care about YOU – in all your screwed up glory. So pardon the unsolicited advice; I can definitely empathize with this though – trying to figure out HOW to talk with them in the first place, and feeling like you are actually DOING something, and making a connection. I get that – and so do they. The part about doubt and disbelief and unbelief…. I had to work through that (well, still working in a lot of areas 🙂 ), and BELIEVE I was going to actually be talking with someone here, that actually cared about what I feel and am struggling with and trying to figure out. Pray THAT way, and be willing to accept whatever happens, and whatever you receive, and that it might come over time. But I promise you they ARE listening and cheering us all on to figure things out! <3

  1. Jules,
    I loved this post; it’s nice to have you back!
    Thank you for being welling to make the sacrifices you’ve obviously made to gain the knowledge expressed here, it tastes delicious, good job sister!
    John Dutson aka johnD

  2. Much Aloha to you Jules! Thank you so much for being willing to share this as it has served as a much needed second witness to a number of things I have been learning and experiencing personally. There is so much here that it feels “too big” to be able to adequately respond to and do any justice to it. So, I will leave it at “yes” and “thank you!”

  3. Thanks for the post. I subscribed a long time ago when I found you through the LDS Freedom Forum. I have a lot of questions but this has actually been on my mind lately, who are we praying to when we pray to Heavenly Father?

    1. Who are YOU addressing when you pray to heavenly father? I found that my ambiguous prayers I always used before became much more effective when I began learning about who I was talking with, and that I could actually talk with someone specific. If I pray, I’m having a conversation with someone specific that I intend to know – just like a conversation here. So if I am talking to the person I understand as Heavenly Father – that I was introduced to that way, and that I’ve learned to know, that is who I’m talking to when I pray to Heavenly Father. But knowing a title or a designation is not KNOWING someone. So if you don’t understand who you are talking to, that might be a good first place to start – figuring that out and developing relationships. I started doing that by first – praying outloud – which is something I didn’t do. Then I experimented and actually tried to talk to Jesus – not the person I was TOLD I NEED to pray to for some reason – even though the scriptures say differently. So I experimented that way – and I started realizing that things WERE different when I talked to different people – just like in person. I kept going from there… kept experimenting… kept getting to know them… and now I understand these beings as actual individuals I can talk with face to face. Line upon line… but get to KNOW Heavenly Father, and he will teach you who he is! And you’ll learn EXACTLY who you are praying to! <3

      1. Thanks for the response. For about a year now I’ve been wanting to pray to Jesus but have not because that is not how we are taught in the church and scriptures.

        1. You are welcome! Here are a couple of scriptures to consider that maybe we missed in church:

          3 Nephi 19:18

          16 And it came to pass that he spake unto the multitude, and commanded them that they should kneel down again upon the earth, and also that his disciples should kneel down upon the earth.
          17 And it came to pass that when they had all knelt down upon the earth, he commanded his disciples that they should pray.
          18 And behold, they began to pray; and they did pray unto Jesus, calling him their Lord and their God.

          Also, Alma 36:18

          17 And it came to pass that as I was thus racked with torment, while I was harrowed up by the memory of my many sins, behold, I remembered also to have heard my father prophesy unto the people concerning the coming of one Jesus Christ, a Son of God, to atone for the sins of the world.
          18 Now, as my mind caught hold upon this thought, I cried within my heart: O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me, who am in the gall of bitterness, and am encircled about by the everlasting chains of death.
          19 And now, behold, when I thought this, I could remember my pains no more; yea, I was harrowed up by the memory of my sins no more.
          20 And oh, what joy, and what marvelous light I did behold; yea, my soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain!

          1. Thanks for these! My paradigm has definitely been shifting, bending, twisting these last 2 years or so. I have much pondering and praying to do.

  4. Jules, thanks for the post. It’s given me a lot to chew on. If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious about your interpretation of WoJS pgs. 378-382. Given the context of the surrounding paragraphs, his statements on the one big God appear to me to be poking fun at sectarian Christianity, not an actual claim that there’s a big God that we’re all crammed into.

    Given your usage of these statements to explain the idea of a big, all encompassing God that is distinct from but includes the Father (and all of us), I’m guessing you don’t read those statements the same way as I do. Would you mind diving into a bit more detail on your interpretation so I can better see where you’re coming from on this? Thanks!

    (For anyone else that’s curious, here’s the source:

  5. Wow Jules, just when I started to find satisfaction in learning to roll over in my spiritual infancy you through this incredible post extend my vision on what it is like to take spiritual flight! Pretty intense awe- inspiring- stuff! Gratitude… 🙂

  6. Thanks Jules,
    You are the ministering angel,
    that led me to the Spanish Fork, Orem, and other Fellowships, 2 years ago, when I had no idea where to look.

    And You have no idea how You have affected the 5 sons ( all return missionaries, the 5 wonderful daughters & law, and countless people I am blessed to uplift everyday, at the part time job, and while dealing with the family investment properties, here & in Amish Pennsylvania.

    You, Meili, and many others are literally in my vocal prayers everyday.
    “-) the Messiah’s (Yahshua’s ) most precious Kiss & protection for Us

    1. OH I know who this is! So good to hear from you – I still get your email updates. Thank you for saying hello. This means a lot to hear this news from you!

  7. Great thoughts and blog. Im a firm believer in the reality of what you speak. Problem for me is that i read of you and others that have these experiences and it just seems so out of reach. I have spent decades seeking and not getting much traction. I guess ill keep looking and searching for that magic combo that’ll work for me. Experiences like this still give me hope!

    1. I felt the same thing, and that’s the very energy that pushed me toward reaching those things! I thought it was as unattainable as everyone else thinks these things are – and the thing I’ve learned all along, is that it’s only as unattainable as my own weaknesses. And I was given those to overcome. Working through and overcoming MY personal weaknesses has been the very thing that helped me cross every one of the threshholds and veils I have. And the very first one I had to overcome in a BIG way is the very belief that I “can’t have that” or “can’t do that”. Those words poisoned me my entire life until I started rejecting them. We were INTENDED to receive these things, and the LIE is that we can’t, aren’t supposed to, aren’t worthy, aren’t intelligent enough, aren’t …… but that’s the lie 🙂 You ARE good and worthy enough, and YOU CAN! <3

  8. My name is Helaman, I really enjoyed your post. It was very heartfelt. I learned a tone of things. I am also learning a lot about the Earth life before Adam and Eve. I am glad of the scriptures that I found about it. I wish you had something regards that topic. Thank you for writing that for us.

    1. Hi Brittney! I believe when Joseph Smith started the “School of the Prophets”, this is what he was trying to do – kind of like the ancient “mystery schools”. I have been led all over the universe to various mentors and teachers – helping me learn more and better understand things. I believe that we are led to teachers who will “speak our language”, or teach us new ways of seeing things and “new languages”. So I’m not sure there is just one I could recommend. Lately I’ve been really enjoying JJ Dewey and his material – and he also shares teachings from some of his mentors, like Djwhal Khul and Alice A. Bailey. I have learned tons from Robert Coon – who teaches on immortality/translation. I’ve also learned so much from various Native American teachers. Anyway, I would suggest being open to ANY teachings you are led to – even if you learn that you don’t resonate with them – you still learned something of value.

      I’m going to be opening up a forum here on my blog where those who are interested can talk and share and learn together – and where I think I’ll do a better job of answering questions and sharing what I’ve learned too. Watch for that if you’re interested!

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