On Priesthood Power: Jesus vs Satan

Satan desires truth and light and knowledge and intelligence and glory the same as any other being in the universe who wants to progress and learn and grow. Consciousness, intelligence, light, truth, glory, ascension in consciousness, quickening, etc., are all similar ideas, and are the things we are talking about when we assert that the Glory of God is intelligence. YES, Satan has godly INTELLIGENCE or he would not exist as a “God of darkness” and be able to HAVE the power over things he DOES have – up to a point.

However, Satan is a SERVICE TO SELF God (and the ultimate example of that) – not a God who lives in SERVICE TO OTHERS in LOVE – like Jesus Christ. Now BECAUSE Satan chooses not to have LOVE for others, he cannot ascend higher in consciousness – or be “quickened”, beyond a certain level because ALCHEMY/HARMONY/MARRIAGE OF ANYTHING (not just people)/BONDING/SEALING, etc., CANNOT take place without CHRIST Love/Pure Love of Christ, etc.

Satan cannot have a body here in his current state, because the very ability to posses a body in this realm and keep our own bodily elements together in harmony and love and proper physical operation to keep us ALIVE, requires enough PERSONAL “priesthood power” and enough of the Pure Love of Christ on a very base level, to hold those elements together to house our consciousness in this realm as a human. So even the biggest jerk out there has enough Christ Love within them on some sub-conscious level, to even BE here in physicality.  Satan does not have that ability as we understand, because he lacks “the power of LOVE” on such a vast level, that he cannot even hold a body together as an innocent baby. This is an example of “perdition” – but that’s another article for another time.

Satan cannot “operate” the priesthood power/sealing powers because he is not a Christ Love oriented God, and therefore he cannot posses or use the “power” in the universe that requires LOVE to complete the ALCHEMY BOND or SEALING and produce action. In other words, his “priesthood power” is limited to the powers that exist within the realms of force, control, manipulation, removal of agency, etc – because that’s the only way he CAN have power to operate when he does not have the ability to cooperate with the very elements in love and harmony, like Jesus Christ can. (Cleon Skousen wasn’t all that far off in his discussion about the elements honoring Jesus Christ and doing what they do because of their vast Love for Him.) Satan’s powers are limited to what he can do by FORCE and manipulation of our lack of intelligence, not in LOVE and cooperation with others – including the elements of the universe.

IF Satan were to choose LOVE, then he COULD have priesthood power – already having GREAT intelligence and knowledge as the Gods have! Think of the Garden of Eden/Temple story; he already knows how to have godly intelligence and shares that information with Adam and Eve, through Lucifer. However, Satan does not choose the Pure Love of CHRIST, and cannot use bonding and sealing and posses what we have labeled “PRIESTHOOD POWER”.

PRIESTHOOD is a fellowship and/or cooperation (see Denver Snuffer’s Orem Priesthood talk where he expounds upon this – and don’t forget the part where Denver says WOMEN can have this fellowship and priesthood cooperation too 😉 ). A fellowship has LOVE involved. It requires harmony and cooperation to have a priesthood fellowship.

If you have fellowship or priesthood with your “bad guy” friends like Satan does (how good and trustworthy of “friends” do you think Satan really has?), you have whatever level of power is available within that little group of friends. That power includes your combined INTELLIGENCE, and also your combined COOPERATION AND HARMONY. If that group does not act with the Pure Love of Christ, they will not have harmony and will not operate very smoothly as a GROUP or FELLOWSHIP and their Priesthood POWER will not be very strong within that.

Now let’s take Jesus who has BOTH intelligence/light/knowledge/truth, etc. and who ALSO has the Pure Love of Christ (PLoCh). He operates that way and offers not only his intelligence, but his cooperative priesthood power – which is STRONG because it DOES operate with the harmony and cooperation needed in Jesus’ group of heavenly “friends”, to have power not only in their combined intelligence, but the love/harmony/bonding/sealing that is available in that group. That group has POWER in their priesthood if they have godly intelligence through their Holy Ghost, and harmony and Love as Jesus Christ demonstrated and extends.

That priesthood – or group of BONDED and SEALED friends and companions who operate with Him in Love and harmony, may include the the weather elements Jesus wants to “control” (in harmonious cooperation using the combined love and power between Jesus, and the elements in that storm), the mountain He wants to move (in cooperation and harmony with those elements and animals and earth functions), or the planet he wants to form with all those people – in cooperation and love and harmony with His PRIESTHOOD friends who dwell with him in the Zion realms. Zion is a large “priesthood cooperative” so-to-speak, and Jesus Christ hangs out in those realms with others who are LIKE Him.

That’s why reaching Zion (not building it with $5,038,780 marble – exactly like they did when the people built the Tower of Babel to try to “get to Heaven”) is so important and why it’s ALL about hanging out with CHRIST there – and Jesus Christ is our example of that and will help us get there and teach us these “priesthood powers” and abilities within his priesthood fellowship that operates with the PLoCh; harmony exists there and CAN exist in those realms and make priesthood power POSSIBLE.

So FIRST, we have to learn to behave that way – with that kind of harmony, HERE – in our homes, and families, and jobs, and on Facebook and in our fellowships. We get to practice and learn here in “real life”, and if we can get it right HERE, we can get it right in those realms where Jesus Christ is, and be part of HIS priesthood fellowship.

ALL Gods want, and have, and gain intelligence, and operate on higher frequencies than we do here. People seeking service to self Gods to follow, may even do “ordinances” and satanic rituals and such, to raise their consciousness and become quickened in those realms – where they can then connect and communicate with those Gods who operate there with the powers of force, and control, and deceit, and manipulation, and removal of agency – and Gods willing to teach power by those means. However, those Gods don’t all have as much power as “the good guys”, if they refuse to receive and use that intelligence IN LOVE, like Jesus Christ does where there is POWER in that cooperative and harmonious priesthood fellowship.

Everyone should be vigilantly and fervently looking for and embracing the Pure Love of Christ; Christ Love in whatever way you understand pure, unselfish, unconditional LOVE. It’s ALL ABOUT learning the lessons of LOVE in this realm, while we come to a remembrance of truth and receive knowledge through the Holy Ghost – and learn to use the powers of Love and Intelligence, together in Harmony.

Quickening is happening to the entire planet; so the song sings, “The veil o’er the earth, is beginning to burst!”. That is truth!

The Savior and our Second Comforter has offered to help us through this process and teach us directly and face-to-face, and extends His hand to condescend and do that incredibly enormous task for us, in pure, unselfish Love – and beyond our FIRST Comforter – the Holy Ghost that brings that pure intelligence. We are invited to become part of HIS “priesthood fellowship” and take part in that combined power that offers HIS large contribution of intelligence, light, truth, knowledge, glory – and the bonding and sealing and alchemical LOVE that is offered in the realms where Christ is the harmonious frequency of operation, and where Jesus the Christ chooses to dwell.

We are all “waking up” and entering into the Millennium and it is being ushered in as we speak, (why do you think we are GOING THROUGH the journeys with spirituality we all have been so intensely the last 10 – or however many years?) So DO RECEIVE your own connection with the Holy Ghost – The first Comforter, so you HAVE the godly intelligence to operate in a quickened world as this is becoming. We are all waking up and being quickened, but not all of us are going to do good things in LOVE with all those veils being removed. The kingdoms ARE being divided. We can see this clearly with the vast polarization between “good and evil” that’s becoming so obvious, and the signs and changes happening on the planet and to humanity.

So MOST importantly – if I may continue to assert, is to GO LOVE ONE ANOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY and PROACTIVELY. ESPECIALLY the one YOU THINK is “most Satanic”. If you cannot Love THAT person you utterly loathe – HERE, how do you think could you possibly hang out with Jesus Christ in the realms of Zion and be LIKE Him?

It IS about LOVE.

RECEIVE the Pure Love of Christ as you are being quickened so you can even learn HOW to love others the way Jesus Christ does.

Jesus chose to eat His last meal on this earth in a loving feast with his FRIENDS; His earthly priesthood fellowship and friendship and cooperative and companionship with those closest to him that grew among those he invited into his personal life. No matter how imperfect the bunch was, he LOVED them purely and forgave them for their lack of understanding and love toward others, and he forgave the way they stumbled in misunderstanding the power of LOVE.

We should offer each other the same forgiveness as we all figure out together, HOW to do this thing we are LEARNING ABOUT in this experience and do NOT fully understand yet and do NOT understand the power of; LOVE.

Quickening and receiving the Holy Ghost brings Godly intelligence; LOVE brings Godly PRIESTHOOD POWER to that intelligence that IS God’s glory.

It’s ALL about learning LOVE here. He really meant it when he said to “LOVE One Another”.

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  1. Q: Does Satan obey Jesus?

    Q: Does he obey Him every time?

    Q: Why? Christ doesn’t compel obedience. So why does Satan obey? What’s his motive?

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