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I’m a tiger mom of the two most amazing boys in my universe. My oldest son is serving a mission for the LDS Church, and my youngest thinks he’s the CEO of my home. Both of my boys are brilliant, and have the kindest hearts I know.

I am also an artist and designer (my store website is here: redfoxwisdom.com/shop ), a philosopher, a researcher, a teacher, a student, a child in this sandbox, and I am a recipient of the Second Comforter and the associated blessings that also come with my journey in learning the mysteries, and receiving the Fullness. I received the things I have as I learned through the LDS platform I was raised within, that we can receive, and was introduced to the rest of the multiverse. As I sought these blessings I learned about in church more passionately and fervently and more directly with Him, I was led to exactly the things we are promised we will be, if we seek Christ and the mysteries. The things I learned in church helped point me in this direction. I learned, however, that ultimately, our journeys are individual and we have to take that terrifying leap to God on our own – using the correct principles we are taught.

I write this blog to share some parts of my journey as I stumble and learn and grow through it, and to testify of those things which I know to be true and have been asked by God and by the Lord, to share. My hope is that this blog will help others in their own journey to become quickened, and receive the pure Love of Christ – and that they will also share and seek to help others in their own journeys to receive the Fullness, and fill the world with the pure love of Christ that is present when you have those experiences with the Savior and in the realms of Zion.

I receive many emails and messages, and I do read them all! I truly enjoy hearing from everyone – and especially the awesome and inspiring stories and experiences people share with me; I love those SO much. I also appreciate the questions people send! They challenge me to keep thinking and learning more in writing those replies, and it helps me know where I need to be more clear if I was not. I am “weak in the flesh”, however, and don’t always do a good job of keeping up with replies on top of my other duties at home and my personal ventures. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding while I pray for a mother’s helper and good health, so I can respond to more emails, visit with those of you I’m led to, or answer those things in future blog posts. 🙂


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